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Methuen is about as close to New Hampshire as you can get without actually leaving the Bay State. This town of about 44,000 is exactly what makes New England… New England!

Because of the beautiful architecture, industrial past, and scenic trails and railways that allow residents and tourists to enjoy the feeling of an Old World community, Methuen is a living postcard.

You can’t see in that postcard, however, the millions of insects, rodents, and other crawling creatures that inhabit this land, too. That’s no problem, until they decide to live in your home rent-free.

Luckily, since 1984 our expert entomologists have teamed with stalwart technicians to cleanse Methuen, Massachusetts, homes and businesses of insects, critters, and all the pests that give New Englanders headaches.

Our team specializes in all forms of pest control in Methuen, even if you aren’t sure exactly what kind of infestation you have. Contact Colonial Pest Control for a thorough inspection, before expensive or dangerous damage is done to your home.

Here are some of the most popular Methuen, MA, pest control services we provide:

With a pincer-like protrusion from their abdomen, earwigs are the bugs that keep kids up at night. According to urban legend, these insects could crawl right into your brain while you sleep at night! But that’s not true. Earwigs will, however, crawl into your garden and eat the living and dead plant matter there. With the voracious appetite of earwigs, you can lose an entire garden before you know it if you’re not vigilant.

These little bugs are silver in appearance, grow to a half-inch in length and have a few antennae on their abdomen. They live in warm, humid areas of your home like heating vents, and can become a nuisance any time of year. Silverfish have a hunger for starch, which means your old photo albums, heirlooms, wallpaper, and unprotected documents stored in your attic could be victims of silverfish infestations.

Termites cause an incredible amount of damage across New England each year. They form colonies underground, build subterranean tunnels that aim for your basement, and proceed to eat away at the important wood elements in and around your home. If you see swarms of flying termites and small holes in the wood around your home, be sure to call our experienced technicians right away.

Many types of hornets and wasps can become very aggressive and cause injury to your kids and pets. Be mindful of paper nests in doorways, tool sheds, roofing eaves, and even old rodent burrows. These nests can grow to be the size of basketballs and are very dangerous to bump into or run over with a lawn mower. Call Colonial’s experts at first sight of a wasp or hornet nest; we’ll come out right away and ensure your property is wasp-free.

For the most part, the bee is an altruistic insect. They play a major role in the agricultural process, including the fruits and vegetables you grow yourself or buy from a store. If you have a honeybee colony on your property, call Colonial Pest Control for humane removal services. We don’t kill honeybees and neither should you; instead, we’ll find a suitable place to relocate them so that they can continue providing us with produce.

Throughout New England, squirrels think they own the place. Unfortunately, they sometimes think they own your place—we’re talking about your attic. When squirrels get in, they’re notoriously destructive. These buck-toothed menaces will chew through wires, gnaw on old photos and leave droppings all over the place. We will find the main point of entry into your home and seal it with a one-way door that allows the squirrels to leave but prevents them from coming back. Then, other potential means of entry are sealed as well, forcing these wild rodents to locate more suitable accommodations away from your home.

If you think you have an infestation of any kind, contact Colonial Pest Control today at 1-800-525-8084. Our experts have decades of experience dealing with virtually every pest New Englanders face every day.



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