Eastern Gray Squirrel

The eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) is very common tree squirrel with a home range throughout the eastern US and some parts of Canada. It is also found in the United Kingdom where it is considered an invasive species causing serious population decline among their native red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) due to competition for habitat and resources. Gray squirrels have similar coloration to their flying brethren, but are nearly twice their size at up to 21 inches long, with an average weight just over 1 lb. Gray squirrels are active all year long but only during the daytime. They prefer mostly nuts, seeds, and other plant material for their diet, but like flying squirrels, they will occasionally feed upon insects, bird eggs and nestling birds. Gray squirrels primarily live in tree nests made up of leaves and also in natural tree cavities, but when the opportunity presents itself they’ll readily invade attics of homes. Grey squirrels may be a nuisance at a backyard bird feeder, but they can do serious damage to a home by destroying gable vents and fouling insulation with droppings and urine. Worse yet, like all rodents, squirrels must gnaw continually to maintain their teeth and this poses a fire risk if they damage electrical wiring. If your home has become home for family of squirrels, please contact us for safe, effective, removal and exclusion services.



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