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Termite Treatment using the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System

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Colonial Pest Control has been providing the New England area with expert termite control services since 1984. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced technicians who employ effective, low impact, low toxicity termite treatment methods to take care of your termite infestation problem.

Since subterranean termites require high moisture levels, they build their colonies in soil but forage away from the colony looking for wood to eat and tunnel in. Often they build mud shelter tubes on the surface of structures to help them stay moist while traveling between the soil below and the wood above. The presence of these termite tubes is a good sign that a certified termite control service should be called to perform a thorough inspection.

Another reliable sign of active termites is the presence of termite swarmers or a swarm in your house. In the spring, typically between April and May, the eastern subterranean termite colony produces swarms of winged, reproductive termites (called “swarmers” or “alates”). For a home or business owner, seeing flying termites indoors can be an alarming sight, and is often the first sign that there may be a termite infestation requiring professional control.

At Colonial, our termite control services include the use of the latest termite protection system available, the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. The Sentricon System is the most effective, environmentally responsible way to protect a home from termites, using the latest “green” technology. Our termite control program does not involve trenching, or digging, or injecting. There is no chemical solution injected into the ground under your home and no drilling of floors or foundations to inject chemical inside.

termite_tools_1The Sentricon Always Active System uses Recruit™ HD termite bait to provide a proactive line of defense against termites. The termite bait is placed in bait stations set in the ground around the perimeter of your home. The Recruit HD bait poses no hazard to groundwater and has no restrictions for use around wells and cisterns. The Sentricon System is easy to live with.

termite_tools_2This Sentricon System technology is available only from specially qualified Authorized Operators selected by the manufacturer, Dow AgroSciences, from among the industry’s best pest management professionals. Colonial Pest Control is proud to have been selected as part of the Sentricon team committed to protecting homes from destructive termites.

termite_workerWhen you call our termite control company, our trained termite control professionals will inspect your property for signs of termites. We will place child-resistant Sentricon stations containing Recruit™ HD termite bait in the soil around your home. Termites find and enter the stations and begin feeding on the bait. Although there is enough bait in one station to eliminate a typical termite colony, our technicians will visit your home twice each season to check the stations and replace bait as needed. There are no scheduling hassles; you don’t even need to be home. The Sentricon System remains in place protecting your home from termites.

Give Colonial a call and give yourself peace of mind with our Always Active Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.

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