Paper Wasp

All the social wasps (bald-faced hornets, yellowjackets, paper wasps, and true hornets) produce a papery material to construct their nests. Paper wasps are really distinguished from their cousins by the type of nest they make which is open-celled (some say umbrella-shaped) as opposed to being completely wrapped in paper. Another habit they have is that they fly relatively slow with their legs held below the body. Paper wasps are “tame” by comparison to their relatives (especially yellowjackets) but will deliver very painful stings if threatened or disturbed. Two troublesome species encountered by property owners are the northern paper wasp (which is dark brown and approx. 5/8 inch long) and the slightly smaller European paper wasp. The European paper wasp (often confused with yellowjackets because of similar coloration) is an aggressive newcomer, which was first recorded right in Cambridge Massachusetts in the early 1980s. Both species will nest in attics, beneath decks, shingles, and building overhangs, but the European type is adept at nesting in all types of outdoor items, from gas grills to play sets, so paper wasp extermination needs to happen all over. Each year, people suffer serious medical complications and even death from hypersensitivity to wasp stings. Don’t let this happen to your family. Contact us today for paper wasp removal service of your home or business @ 1-800-525-8084.




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