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Colonial Pest Control Inc. has been serving Central and Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire since 1984, providing effective, low-cost, and reliable protection from pests for our residential customers. Our highly trained, committed, and state licensed team of specialists will customize a plan to protect your family and your home from pest invaders.

Why Choose Colonial Pest Control?

•We know all about pests and their habits, and we have developed the most effective treatment programs available.
•Our trained and licensed pest professionals use cutting edge technology and techniques to combat pest problems.
•We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our affordable and effective work

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What’s New — From The Blog

Spring Beetles

By Zachary Ciras on April 18, 2022

It sounds like you are seeing a couple of different dermestid beetles. Dermestid beetles, also known as Skin Beetles, are a family of beetles who vary in their behavior, but are commonly considered to be scavengers. These beetles feed on dead... READ MORE

Thank you for keeping our home bug free for all of these years!

Cheryle O. (Westminster, MA)



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