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Perched on an erstwhile stagecoach line between Boston and Portsmouth, the small bedroom community of Lynnfield has always had its fair share of out-of-town travelers.
And since U.S. Route 1 was constructed on that old stagecoach line, the high traveler volume has only increased since the town was settled in 1638. For 374 years, travelers have made their way through Lynnfield, trailing their pests on stagecoaches both wooden and mechanical.

But as far as we’re concerned at Colonial Pest Control, the bug stops here.

Regardless of insect, bug, critter, or furry nuisance, we’re experienced and trained to handle your pests safely and efficiently. Better yet, our technicians are actual residents of the towns we serve, so if you live in Lynnfield, sleep in Lynnfield, and buy your groceries in Lynnfield, so does the technician who will eradicate your pest problem with professionalism, efficiency, and a friendly smile.

We find the advantages are many: by living in the town you do, your technician has firsthand knowledge and experience regarding the specific infestation problems plaguing your area. In addition, there is very little travel time for your technician to reach your home or business. They’re just around the corner, grabbing a quick coffee before destroying more day-ruining bugs.

Plus, our expert technicians care about the town where they live. It’s their home too, and they want their neighbors to live comfortably and without dangerous pests. If there’s anyone in town who loves their job, it’s a Colonial Pest Control technician.

Some of our most popular services in Lynnfield, Massachusetts:

Did you know that black carpenter ants are responsible for more damage than termites in New England? The black carpenter ant seeks out moist, decaying wood and burrows deep to establish a colony. Once they get that far, they send out flying ants to search out potential new colony sites and then proceed to expand. Our technicians use a Microgen Micro-injector to help us locate, flush, and kill the colony, as well as provide preventative maintenance services.

Don’t fear, Colonial Pest Control is here. We have experience in identifying the hot spots that mice and rats use most often, and after a thorough inspection we’ll be able to tell the best way forward in eliminating their presence. Mice, and rats especially, can carry horrible diseases, and are absolutely not welcome in any home. The best method of elimination is prevention—a process in which our technicians are highly trained.

Bees are responsible for pollinating many of the flowers and vegetables we use and eat on a daily basis, and wasps are predators that search out other pests like spiders and crickets. Still, these altruistic buzzers must be removed from the home due to their tenacity in protecting their home. Many of us have allergies associated with bees, and one little stinger can mean rashes, swelling, respiratory distress, and headaches. Some can also suffer from anaphylactic shock, which is a serious effect that leads to a hospital visit.

Squirrels are known to cause electrical fires by chewing through power cords in your attic. Chances are good that if you have a squirrel infestation up there, they’ve already left a considerable amount of droppings and urine behind, and attempting to eradicate them yourself could expose you to rabies, tick fever, and other highly dangerous diseases. We use a method similar to the lobster pot. A squirrel goes out of a one-way door we place in a popular thoroughfare —and he can’t get back in. It’s called exclusion.

These insects are as damaging as carpenter ants, only bed bugs feast on you instead of your home. The good news is, Colonial Pest Control uses a comprehensive “seek-and-destroy” approach to eradicate the nuisance. You may have heard that bed bugs are nearly impossible to rid of, but with two visits spaced two weeks apart, we will destroy the adults, nymphs, and eggs thoroughly.



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