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Squirrel removal in your home is crucial to the health and safety of everyone in the house!

Colonial Pest Control Company has been providing expert squirrel removal and wildlife control services since 1984 for households in central & eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Our team of highly trained technicians uses safe, approved and cutting edge methods to remove squirrels and take care of your squirrel infestation problem. We are experts at removing Squirrels and Squirrel Exclusion!

Most everyone in the United States is familiar with squirrels, especially the eastern gray squirrel which is very common in the New England region. A member of the rodent family, they have often become a nuisance since they have adapted well to humans and human built structures such as homes, garages and barns.

Squirrel removal and control by a certified professional becomes necessary when they have established residence in a home or business. In the wild, squirrels are primarily arboreal and usually make their nests in tree cavities or build a nest, which is called a drey, out of twigs and branches high off the ground. In suburban areas, they like to break into attic spaces in houses by finding a small access point which they will chew to make larger in order to bring food and nesting materials inside. The holes that squirrels use to gain access can become an entrance for other invaders, including raccoons, bats, insect pests and other rodents. Squirrels are also primary carriers of dangerous diseases such as rabies, powassan virus and tick fever.

Often the first indication that you have a squirrel problem is when you hear them scurrying around in your attic or inside the walls of your home. Squirrels can breed throughout the year and a family can soon become large, leaving considerable droppings, urine and food waste in your home. They have often been known to chew on power lines, causing a potential fire and shock hazard. You can see why getting rid of squirrels is important! Squirrel removal and often decontamination becomes necessary once you have noted that there is a problem in your home or business. By law, if you have a squirrel infestation, it must be taken care of before you sell your home.

Get rid of Squirrels from your home & Squirrels in the attic

There are several ways to approach squirrel removal and squirrel control. The methods we use will depend on where the squirrels have taken up residence. The common approaches involve live trapping, exclusion and prevention.

Squirrel exclusion is the process of finding and sealing off all openings into the house. A temporary one- way exclusion device is installed at a point where the squirrels are known to have entered. They need to have food and water and to gather nesting materials, so they must leave at some time. Once they travel through the one-way door, they are excluded. It will be necessary to check and see that no animals have been left behind, such as baby squirrels. Areas which are likely to be re-chewed in order to regain access must be addressed.

Squirrel prevention involves locating and repairing each point in your home that could be used to gain entrance. Eaves, rotted window sills, roof vents, attic vents and chimneys are the most likely places a squirrel will use to enter your home. Repairs are usually done with steel so that a new entrance cannot be chewed by the animal.

Squirrels are cute looking and often appear to be friendly. However, squirrel removal and control is best left to the experts as they are unpredictable and extremely persistent wild animals.

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Squirrel removal in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

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We are fully Certified & Licensed by the States of MA & NH to perform Humane – Squirrel Removal & Exclusion

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