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Bolton Massachusetts is a far cry from the urban metropolis of Boston where the majority of pest control services are based. When people call an exterminator, they do not expect a city slicker who has little experience with rural Massachusetts. The benefit of Colonial Pest Control is that the professional exterminators are experienced with the local pests and rodents in the areas of service.

Aside from response time, having a local exterminator that you know and trust will benefit the entire community and keep pests out of your family’s way. Infestations of bed bugs, termites, wasps, and much more are common problems in the small towns of the Northeast and a local exterminator from Colonial Pest Control can be on the scene quickly, with all the right knowledge and tools to take care of the problem. Someone coming all the way from Boston will take too long to arrive and may not have the expertise to deal with your unique pest situation.

Carpenter Ants – A lot of the U.S. has to deal with ant infestations on a regular basis, but the Northeast and Bolton, especially, have a problem with carpenter ants. These pests can quickly cause more damage to the wood of your home than even termites. It can be hard to spot an infestation in the early stages because the black carpenter ants are active mostly at night. If you spot any flying ants searching out new digs for their colony or large black ants crawling inside your home, immediately contact an experienced carpenter ant exterminator that can find the colony and prevent them from doing any damage to the home.

Wasps – Bees, hornets, and wasps unfortunately have a bad reputation because of their stinging ability. They are considered pests around households, but they are beneficial to the local environment. However, many people are allergic to stings and the pain in general is enough to classify the bug as a pest. If a bee, hornet, or wasp colony has established a home around your property and you begin to see them flying around more often, do not attempt to exterminate them on your own. An entire colony or even just a few are very dangerous when disrupted and must be handled with care by an experienced professional who can remove them without harming you or the creature.

Bed Bugs – The pest that is causing a huge uproar in almost all of the urban Northeast cities has finally made its way to smaller towns like Bolton. People can easily bring bed bugs back from their work or family trips and not realize that they have an infestation for a few weeks. Unfortunately, by this time your family members have multiple bites each night, not to mention the constant fear of creepy crawlies keeping them from getting a good night’s rest. As soon as you think there is a problem, call a professional and get this persistent nuisance eliminated for good.

Termites – Termites another wood destroying pest, and the two are often confused. If you spot winged adult termites, there is likely a colony nearby already working their way through the wood structure to their food source. You can spot the termites by looking for a mud shelter tube on the surface of the structure that helps keep them warm and moist on their passage between the soil and wood which leads to the food source. Termites are not something that can be easily controlled on your own and an experienced termite exterminator should be called immediately upon spotting a termite.

Squirrels – Squirrels love to make themselves at home in your garage, attic, chimney, and even inside the house at times. They are cute creatures when running about in the forest but when they are returning at night to your home, they can cause a lot of damage and be dangerous for the family. It may seem like an easy solution to get rid of a few squirrels, but they can be dangerous and carry various diseases. As adorable as those acorn filled cheeks look, squirrels are still wild animals. Instead of risking being bit or killing the squirrels, a professional can trap them and escort the squirrels far enough away so they will have no chance of finding their way back to your house again.

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