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For non-native Bay Staters, the challenge of correctly pronouncing “Woburn” ranks right up there with the level of difficulty in pronouncing “Worcester.” This historic city is known alternately as “Woe-burn,” “Woo-bin,” and “Wubburn.” For the record, the correct pronunciation is “Wu-bərn.” Woburn was the site of a very high-profile groundwater contamination incident in the 1970s and ‘80s. Two major corporations were suspected of dumping dangerous chemicals and industrial solvents into town wells, which contaminated the drinking water and were suspected to have caused a spike in childhood leukemia and other illnesses in the area. The book A Civil Action, which became a movie of the same name, was based on this case. Thankfully, Woburn doesn’t have to deal with contaminated water these days. But it does have to deal with its share of pests. Pests like:

Baldface hornets – These aggressive little buggers establish their own base camp in paper nests and will sting first and ask questions later. If you find a nest – and hopefully you do before a baldface hornet finds you – stay well clear of it and call Colonial Pest right away.

Cicada killers – An ominous name for an ominous pest. Female cicada killers will create burrows and fill them with the corpses of spiders and insects, which will constitute a feast later on. Cicada killers are generally solitary creatures, but they don’t take kindly to young hands (or old ones, for that matter) that come unknowingly close to their territory. Don’t deal with these pests on your own – call the exterminators on the killers.

Fleas & ticks: Outdoor pet owners are no strangers to flea and tick infestations. Fleas reproduce at a staggering rate – there can be a whole new generation within 20 days, which must make for very crowded family photos. Fleas on your pet are the vet’s responsibility, but fleas in your home belong to Colonial Pest.

Ticks are probably the more famous of this dual act since the emergence of Lyme disease, which these little buggers can carry and easily spread. This is a serious health hazard, so if you see or even suspect ticks, call us in right away! If you’re bothered by these or any other pests in your Woburn home, call Colonial Pest today at 1-800-525-8084!



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