Cicada Killer

Cicada killers (aka digger wasps) are very large (1 1/2in.) ground-nesting wasps with coloration and markings similar to yellowjackets. Appearance aside, these wasps are very different from yellowjackets, which are social and form large underground colonies. Cicada killers are solitary wasps that belong to the family Sphecidae. The female cicada killer (plus a few related species) will excavate large (1/2 inch wide) burrows in foundation plantings, lawns, or along walkways. Each burrow she constructs is provisioned with paralyzed insects and spiders, which serve as food for a single developing wasp. Though not terribly aggressive, females will sting if handled and may harass children playing near their nest. Other related wasps of concern to homeowners known as mud daubers. These wasps are generally smaller than the digger wasps, metallic blue/black in color, and construct mud nests in attics, garages, or on the sides of buildings. If you require cicada killer removal, contact us @ 1-800-525-8084.



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