Fleas are a large (up to 2,000 known species) group of medically important insects. The blood feeding habits of some adult fleas (non-host specific) make them efficient transmitters of parasites (certain tapeworms) and devastating diseases to man, such as the notorious bubonic plague. Rat fleas readily attack man while human fleas can be found on rats, fox, and skunks. The cat flea (Ctenophalides felis), which attacks both cats and dogs, is the most common flea encountered in the home. All fleas undergo a complete life cycle from egg-larva-pupa to adult. Adult cat fleas lay up to 30 eggs per day and complete a new generation in less than 20 days! Populations can build up very quickly during the warmer months causing misery for both you and your pets, so flea extermination is a top priority. Effective flea removal requires professional veterinary care for the pets, aggressive cleaning, and professional premise treatment of the infested home. Contact us @ 1-800-525-8084.



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