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Home to one of the oldest agricultural fairs in America, Topsfield, Massachusetts combines a strong rural history with a more modern present. This Essex County town was directly affected by the Salem Witch Trials and was transformed from a small, rural town to a flourishing, modern community after the introduction of affordable automobiles and accessible road systems such as Route 128.

However, there are still many parts of Topsfield that are covered with forest, rivers, and the Topsfield Fair Grounds, which can be pest central during fair season. With this type of landscape, Topsfield becomes an attraction for certain types of unwanted pests such as mosquitos, rodents, and bats. While much of New England is considered to have a prime climate and landscape for these types of unwanted critters, Topsfield residents are unfortunately living right in the thick of where rodents and bats breed. So how can you effectively keep these pests at the fair grounds and out of your home? The answer is… not easily!

Once these rodents find their way into your house, apartment, garage, or barn, they are difficult to get rid of, especially in the colder months because they want to stay warm. You will have better luck keeping these pests out of your house rather than trying to remove them once they are there – that is a job for the experts.

Start by sealing any spots in walls and floors that make it easy for a rodent to get inside. Any opening bigger than a quarter of an inch is big enough for a mouse to squeeze through. And of course, when the weather allows for open doors and windows, be sure to use screens. AtColonial Pest, we provide pest control in Topsfield, Massachusetts to the more than 6,000 residents when they find themselves dealing with an infestation.

While these types of pest problems are not unique to Topsfield since much of New England is home to the same sorts of bugs and mammals, we feel that getting a professional’s opinion is much more effective than tackling the problem on your own. In Topsfield and elsewhere, we are the pest control experts. Call us right now at 1-800-525-8084!



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