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In towns and cities like Salem, where tourism is among the top industries, pest infestations can be a problem simply because visitors bring more than just their dollars. Bedbugs and other pests can hitch a ride on travelers, making their way into unexplored hotels and homes, the municipal services infrastructure, and even the fauna in local parkland. Additionally, refuse left behind by revelers can be especially alluring to outdoor pests like rats and squirrels that may later look for shelter in homes and businesses. To deal with these unwanted and uninvited visitors it is imperative to contact a Salem pest control specialist at the first signs of infestation.

Salem, Massachusetts attracts visitors all year long, of course, but in October, this town is teeming with Halloween revelers who want to soak up the witchy atmosphere and spooky hotspots. The sheer number of people who visit Salem each year – in the weeks leading up to fright night and all year round – make it inevitable that pests will be a problem. You have no doubt seen the occasional rat bait station in the downtown business district, but have you considered that the pests drawn to Salem via the thriving tourism industry may also be congregating in your home?

From bats and spiders to carpenter bees and termites, households in Salem may find themselves facing unexpected pest infestations in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Colder months draw pests indoors where the elements are kept at bay, while in the warmer months, the same home may prove a haven from the predators that most pests spend their lives avoiding. Older homes, in particular, of the type found in spades in this city, are vulnerable to pest infestations because they are more likely to have foundation problems and other entry points for pests. A professional exterminator in Salem can provide you with a good assessment of the status of your home, and help prevent or remedy infestations.

At Colonial Pest Control, we provide pest control in Salem, Massachusetts because we understand the unique pest control needs of those living in and caring for older homes, historic homes, and historic structures. While pest problems aren’t any more prevalent in Salem than in other areas of Massachusetts’ North Shore region, homeowners in this city can face unique pest removal challenges due to the high tourism volume and the average age of houses and buildings.



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