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Somersworth, NH, is the kind of town that helped build New England’s reputation for hard-working, blue-collar ideals. In the 1800s, alongside the town’s Salmon Falls River, entrepreneurs out of Boston set up mills that catalyzed a textile and manufacturing boom.

The promise of work brought immigrants from across the Atlantic, and they began to settle around town. Victorian-era buildings and architectural motifs are still noticeable today, though the once-great textile industry has declined to nonexistence.

Instead, the town of about 12,000 people is considered a bedroom community to nearby cities. Unfortunately, this peaceful existence alongside a wonderfully scenic river is often interrupted by some of the worst termite and rodent infestations in the state—until Colonial Pest Control arrives on the scene.

Our experts are known for having an intimate and extensive knowledge of the pests that terrorize Somersworth homeowners year after year. The town’s proximity to water brings in a lot of exotic and damaging insects, but our entomologists and technicians work together to create a pest management strategy that fits your unique situation.

Somersworth residents can expect potential infestations from some of the following:

Wood-Damaging Insects

The termite is not the only insect that can cause considerable damage in your home.

  • Carpenter Ants – In fact, this quarter- to half-inch ant can cause a lot more damage than a termite colony. Carpenter ants don’t actually eat damp and decaying wood, instead they tunnel into it extensively to expand their nest. Look for small piles of sawdust on the ground where colonies have excavated a wood source, it’s the best clue that a colony is doing damage. Also keep an eye out for flying ants.
  • Termites – Unlike carpenter ants, termites don’t live in the wood; they feast on it. Termites in New England build colonies underground around the foundation of your home and construct tunnels that lead them directly to wood sources in your home. You’ll see winged termites flying around in swarms. This can also attract many birds for a daily feeding frenzy.

No matter what type of insect is destroying your home’s structural integrity or ornamental woodwork, call Colonial Pest Control for a thorough inspection. If you have termites, we will use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination system, which is a non-intrusive and hassle-free method of ridding your home of termites for good. We plant baits in the ground around your home and return often to check those traps and switch them out for new ones.

Wasp and Bee Removal

This type of insect is especially dangerous due to the high number of allergies associate with their stings and bites. No matter what type of bee or wasps you have on your property, call Colonial Pest Control to relocate or exterminate the danger.

  • Wasps – Wasps are generally larger than bees and are much more aggressive. You’ll find many wasps and hornets in paper nests in doorways, tool sheds, and roofing eaves and even on the ground in rodent tunnels and burrows. Be mindful when mowing the lawn or conducting other outdoor work, as an accidental stumble into a hornet’s nest can be a very dangerous endeavor. Call Colonial as soon as you spot a round paper nest that can grow to be the size of a basketball in the summer months.
  • Bees – Bees are very, very important to agriculture and gardening due to their role in the pollination process. Don’t destroy a honeybee colony if you have one in your yard; instead, call our experts who can remove the hive and relocate it to a safer place so the bees can continue to help vegetables and fruits grow. Obviously, if you or a member of your family is allergic to bees, you must remove them from your property even if they aren’t doing any harm. Bees will sting in defense if they perceive you to be a threat.


Somersworth homeowners can experience rodent infestations unlike most other New England towns. Since the textile days, rats and mice have been mainstays in the town, and they continue to cause trouble for many residents. Squirrels, too, though they’re less clandestine about their business than mice and rats are.

We use a combination of exclusion and prevention to remove rodent infestations from your attic or basement. First, we find the main point of entry used by the rodents, and we install a one-way door that lets them out of your home but not back in. We then find and seal all secondary and tertiary points of entry. Without a way back in the rodents move on to more natural habitats.

Mice, however, don’t respond to this method as well as squirrels do. When it comes to mouse removal, our team will need to scope out your property and create a specialized strategy that uses a variety of techniques we’ve learned over the years.

No matter what nuisance, and no matter what time of year, Colonial Pest Control is ready to keep your home or business free of pests. Call us at 1-800-525-8084 right now!



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