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Continually combating pests can cause extreme aggravation. When deciding how to best manage the problem, some homeowners may choose to hire a professional, while others will make an individual effort. For instance, homemade deterrents can be utilized and different tools may be installed to eliminate unwelcome insects and rodents. The following advice will help you get started on the path to keeping your home pest free. Of course, this will naturally include maintaining your home with different prevention, preparation, protection, and professional choices when the time presents itself. If you find that the DIY approach isn’t effective or is too stressful, remember that Colonial Pest can quickly send help to anyone in the New England area.


The best way to prevent pest problems indoors is through always maintaining the utmost in sanitation practices. For instance, never leave trash out, especially where pests can easily reach it. Dirty laundry and piles of belongings should not be left on the floor for long. Clean up messes as they occur and keep pets clean, including regular checkups for possible infestations. Screen outdoor openings in order to prevent the entry of insects and rodents alike. Caulk cracks to stop pantry pests and cockroaches from gaining access. Seal exterior openings to deter mice, bats, wasps and bees from making themselves at home. If you have clothes, carpet, or food that is infested, you can use extremely hot or cold temperatures to remove any current pests. This will take care of clothes moths, pantry pests, and carpet beetles. Chemical or herbal pesticides may be used, either by yourself or a professional, with utmost adherence to the necessary safely precautions.


Always be sure you know exactly what types of pests you are up against, as this will increase your odds of eliminating them. If a pest is not as readily identifiable as a cockroach or a termite (have you ever found a curious creature and wondered, what is that?), you may choose to consult a professional for assistance. You can also decide to set traps that can also be baited to help eliminate the particular type of pests. Home remedies are safe and have been known to work in ridding you of some pest problems. These might include solutions such as peppermint oil or boric acid powder. Each remedy chosen should be deemed effective against the outdoor invaders you are up against, so familiarize yourself with proven results before implementing your final approach.


If you plan to utilize herbicides or pesticides in your battle against pests, read all safely precautions and seriously abide by them. Be sure to protect yourself adequately with the proper clothing. This will include long sleeved shirts and long pants. Appropriate clothing must offer protection from any possible spilled liquids and therefore should be thick enough to prevent caustic substances from leaking through. Disposable vinyl or latex gloves need to be used during the process to prevent hazardous contact, as well as proper safety equipment for the eyes and lungs. If using a dust based pesticide in an enclosed area, you will require a respirator or perhaps even a full face mask. Protective face masks will be especially important for dusting an attic or crawl space due to the limited ventilation available.

If using herbicides on your garden or lawn, remember that these can irritate and harm your skin without the proper care procedures. Prolonged exposure may even result in blisters or rashes. Safety goggles will prevent herbicides from reaching your eyes. Always follow directions on bottle labels with the utmost caution. Foliage should be kept dry immediately following treatment to allow for the best results. While spraying outdoors, be sure to pull out any weak plants that are present and dispose of them, as they will attract pests. You can build up the healthy soil by mulching it with fertilizer or compost rather than chemicals. Seaweed spray is one natural solution known to enhance plant growth and fight disease. Clear your garden area of debris and weeds that allow insects a better chance of breeding. Rotate crops to ensure that pests do not spread throughout them. Also make sure you disinfect garden tools after you’ve been working with infested plants so as not to spread the problem.


It can be important to hire a professional if your own efforts have not completely rid you of unwanted pests. Trained pest control experts at Colonial Pest will be able to offer you specialized equipment as well as consumer restricted methods that will guarantee that you will be pest free once and for all. In addition, licensed control treatments will help ward off return infestations in the future. Professionals have the required experience to safely fumigate your home if necessary to rid it of bugs, or perform other methods of safely getting rid of rodents, bats, and other flying, four-legged, or otherwise furry friends. Call us now at 1-800-525-8084!



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