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Pest Control & Exterminator Services in Manchester, NH

Pest Control Services in Manchester, NH

Serving Hillsborough County since 1984

None of us want to come home to a house infested with pests. From termites to bats, people across the nation have to deal with pesky creatures setting up camp in their homes. Our Manchester NH pest control specialists are skilled at exterminating a wide array of pests including bats, rodentsmicesquirrels, termites, beeswasps, spiders, roaches, carpenter ants and more. We offer a variety of industry leading warranties as well, including a six-month warranty for all of our bee, wasp, and hornet removal to ensure that your home maintains its pest-free state for many months to come.

The city of Manchester is not considered a large metropolis, but the close concentration of people, homes, businesses, and restaurants has a tendency to attract the toughest and most stubborn pests. With Colonial Pest’s Manchester NH exterminator services, those pesky creatures will not stand a chance. We use time-tested and field-tested treatments that are extremely effective at combating pests in all environments, from the congested city to the suburban sprawl.

We understand the importance of protecting your family, which is why all of our insecticides are low-impact and low-toxicity. We use the safest chemicals possible that still get the job done effectively. Not only are our products safer for your family, but they are also less harmful on the environment.

Colonial Pest Control performs all work to the highest industry standards, with the safest and friendliest experts. Our knowledgeable and state-certified Manchester pest control and extermination specialists undergo extensive training and come to you with years of experience in the field. We offer only the best in New Hampshire pest control and extermination for your family and home. Nobody wants to live with pesky house guests, so contact us today at 1-800-525-8084!



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