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With such a rich history that goes back to the pre-Colonial era, Lawrence is a beautiful place to live, but many pests have also taken residence in the city. Pests are no fun for anyone, potentially spreading disease and causing damage to your home. Colonial Pest Control has specially trained technicians who can take care of any pest problem you experience.

Our technicians have years of experience in pest control and extermination. We only use efficient, humane methods to deal with pests. We also ensure safe, low toxicity techniques that will not harm or pollute surrounding water, soil, or air. You and your family won’t have to worry about health concerns once we’ve finished.

Most importantly, we understand that pests can be a nuisance and require immediate action, which is why Colonial Pest Control has technicians based in every major city, including Lawrence. You won’t have to wait hours for our exterminators to cross the county just to reach your home in Lawrence. Our localized technicians also give us the edge on pests unique to the area, giving you the personal service you need.

Some of our pest services in Lawrence include:

Although they are popularly known for their blood-sucking behavior, bats are actually fairly gentle creatures. They are cherished in many cultures for their ability to catch insects, small animals, and other pests. In fact, bats are one of nature’s greatest pest control services. However, they do sometimes find their way into people’s homes and attics. Bats can harbor diseases like rabies and can be a general annoyance as they are nocturnal animals, much like raucous college students. If you are suffering a bat infestation, contact us immediately to take care of the problem.

There’s a certain sense of dread and horror at the thought of a bed bug infestation. Their bites cause intense rashes, which can be maddening. How can you fall asleep or do much of anything when you are so itchy? Even worse, you’ve probably heard stories of how difficult it is to completely eliminate bed bugs. Thankfully, Colonial Pest Control has all the tools and knowledge to properly locate, flush, and exterminate bed bugs and prevent any future infestations.

We’ve all seen ants and been plagued by their infestations at picnics, but carpenter ants are an entirely different breed. Carpenter ants can chew through wood and are actually known as the number one wood destroying pest in the New England area. Carpenter ants cause even more damage than termites. An infestation could lead to extensive damage to your property, which could cost you quite a pretty penny. Colonial Pest Control can safely eliminate carpenter ants to prevent any further damages to your property.

Mice and rats will, like any warm-blooded creature, seek warmth in colder environments, and your home just might be the warmest, most comfortable place a rat can find. Rats have been implicated with numerous diseases and have tough teeth that can chew through brick. The best idea is to contact Colonial Pest Control. We can remove these rodents through effective, humane means.

We are all probably used to seeing squirrels in the park, even feeding them scraps every now and then. As docile as they are, squirrels can cause quite a disturbance when invading your home. Sounds of running about, rolling nuts, and chewing are common with squirrel invasions. Our technicians can properly handle squirrels and transport them out of and away from your home.

While carpenter ants are the number one wood destroying pests in the area, don’t count termites out. Unlike carpenter ants, termites actually require wood and dead plant matter for sustenance. This makes your home a perfect buffet for termites. To prevent further damage to your property, contact Colonial Pest Control at 1-800-525-8084 today.



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