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Hooksett, NH, is about 38 square miles in size, and located in a heavily wooded area. A major highway runs from the tourist havens of Boston and the White Mountains and cuts through the town of 13,500. The Merrimack River makes its way through the town proper.

All of these features together equal something irritating for residents of the popular presidential campaign stop. It means lots of bugs and critters.

At Colonial Pest Control, we’re dedicated to keeping those critters in Bear Brook and Pawtuckaway state parks where they belong.

Our experts know how to save your trash from nightly maulings. We can root out the scary things in the darkest corners of your basement and attic, because we live where you live. We believe that our technicians should service the areas they live. It comes with knowledge of local pests and love for the local people.

Our knowledge of local pests is extensive. Here’s a list of some common problems we encounter in Hooksett.

Termites: The damage potential of these pests rivals that of tornadoes. In a town like Hooksett, termites can move into almost any place they want. At the first site of termite swarms or weak wood spots, call Colonial Pest Control immediately so we can do a thorough inspection. We use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, which uses the latest green technology to safely remove termites without drilling the ground or foundation around your home and injecting chemicals.

Carpenter Ants: Similar to termites, these ants are a huge problem in the Northeast. They burrow into moist wood, which is a problem in Hooksett due to the proximity of the river. Our technicians are experienced in using the Microgen Micro-Injector, which successfully locates colonies for flushing and elimination.

Mice and other rodents: These buck-toothed pests can carry many diseases like rabies, and in a few cases even the plague. They get into your attic and chew at wires, causing electrical fires and increasing the potential for electric shock. Our technicians have over 25 years of experience dealing with these pests, and we won’t sit around and wait for them to come out of hiding.

Black Widow Spiders: Perhaps the most feared bug of all, the Black Widow can be transported in produce crates from the West Coast and could eventually make their way to your basement or attic. They’re easily identified by their dark black body with the red hourglass shape on the underside of the belly. The rational fear these spiders cause is due to the powerful neurotoxin they secrete in their venom. It can cause intense muscular pain, nausea, fever and even complications leading to death.

Indian Meal Moths: These guys ride home with you from the store after you’ve unknowingly purchased tainted birdseed or dry dog food. You’ll be able to spot their presence in the bag easily enough—a type of webbing material and larvae will be present. Unfortunately, it may already be too late by the time you discover them. Call Colonial and we’ll rid your house of these zigzagging nuisances.

Carpet Beetle Larvae: These hard-to-notice-but-hungry insects will chomp at your carpets, wool clothing, and feathered pillows. The adult form does no harm; it’s actually the larvae that can put holes in your favorite antique bedspread or fur coat. These tiny critters can eat any organic material, including hair brushes and books. Don’t just sit around and let these pests eat your hard-earning money right out of your hands.

Cockroaches: To most people, these are the grossest of all insects that can be found in the home. Perhaps it’s because of the goo that remains after stepping on one. But maybe it’s the way they scurry across the floor as soon as you turn on a light in the kitchen. Though they seem harmless enough, they can carry pathogens that cause dysentery, hepatitis, food poisoning or other illnesses. They’ve even been linked to causing asthma in children.

Flies: As one of the most common nuisances there is anywhere, flies are also known carriers of disease-causing organisms. Dysentery, cholera and hookworms can all find their way into humans if fly problems are left too long.



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