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Located on the Merrimack River, Haverhill began as a farming community that eventually evolved into an industrial center that included sawmills, gristmills, and tanneries. Along with shipping and shipbuilding, this Essex County city thrived for many decades on shoe-making, even gaining the nickname of “Queen Slipper City.” As a growing city of over 60,000 people, Haverhill has deep roots in American history.

Old buildings, industry, historical significance, and proximity to water make Haverhill a wonderful place to live and visit, but those same reasons make it a breeding ground for a variety of pests. Pests can potentially cause some severe damage to structures, costing you a fortune in repairs. Although most are generally not directly harmful to humans, pests are known to spread diseases and can otherwise cause quite a bit of trouble for homeowners.

For such pests, you need quick, personal service with localized expertise. While big chains don’t have much of either, smaller companies don’t always have the tools and resources. Fortunately, Colonial Pest Control can provide you with the timely, expert service you need. While most exterminators are located in one central area, Colonial Pest Control operates from all major cities in the Northeast region. Not every city is the same, so we make sure our exterminators are well-trained to deal with pests indigenous to a specific area.

Our pest control services in Haverhill, MA include:


Mice and rats are two of the most common pests in the world. Older cities like Haverford are especially prone to these pests. Rodents naturally seek warmth and comfort, which makes your home particularly attractive in the colder seasons. However, rats and mice have strong teeth that can bite through most any material, even solid concrete.

We usually see squirrels in the park and have grown accustomed to living beside them without too much trouble. For the most part, squirrels will go about their lives without causing mischief. However, during autumn and winter, squirrels will seek shelter in attics or chimneys. Expectant mother squirrels are especially prone to this behavior. As helpful as we might like to be, squirrels do not make the best bedfellows as they are noisy and can chew through your home. Colonial Pest Control has the tools to safely and humanely transport these critters from your home.

Carpenter ants are actually the number one wood destroying pest in the New England area, capable of causing more damage to buildings than the average termite. Structural damage can pose numerous dangers and cost you a fortune in repairs. Contact Colonial Pest Control’s technicians to locate, flush, and eliminate carpenter ant colonies and prevent any further damage to your home or business.

Of course, that’s not to say that termites are any less capable of destruction. Termites are still quite common and can consume wood at surprisingly fast rates. Termites tend to build their nests in the soil or in old stumps and wander away from the colony to gather food. Termites can do quite a number to your home’s foundation. Our technicians can remove these insect pests through environmentally safe means without causing any harm to surrounding water or soil.

Bats present certain mythical qualities, from vampires to popular superheroes. Normally, bats are quite helpful as nature’s greatest exterminators, but every so often, they might stray into your attic. This is no fun for anyone, especially considering their nocturnal habits. While most bats will not suck your blood, they are known to harbor disease. It’s best to contact our technicians to remove the bats from your home.

Bed bugs have recently been making quite the comeback. They are difficult to kill, and if not exterminated properly, could remain in your home for years. Bed bugs bite, causing severe rashes which can leave you feeling quite crazy. Fortunately, our technicians are trained to control and eliminate any bed bug infestations, taking the time to thoroughly inspect and treat your home.

While bees are known for producing honey and being nature’s number one pollinator, these insects are far from sweet. Bees present a distinct danger to homeowners, especially those with small children. Enough stings can lead to severe injuries. If you need to get rid of a hive, contact Colonial Pest Control at 1-800-525-8084 for assistance.



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