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Whenever there is a mix of rural and suburban populations in the same area, the potential for pest infestations is higher than average. Why? The mix of environments can mean that an area is hospitable to not one, but two classes of pest. For instance, where farmland abuts a suburban hub, rodents and birds that obtain most of their sustenance from agricultural leavings can also plague the town. Likewise, fleas commonly found on household pets in suburban areas can become a problem when a large-scale livestock infestation occurs.

In Hamilton, MA, a small town located near Massachusetts’ North Shore, there are no manufacturing, tourist, or industrial concerns, but rather numerous historic homes, pasture lands, horse farms, and small agricultural outfits in addition to residential areas. What this means is that the pest control concerns in both subsets of the roughly 8,000 residents can differ widely and unfortunately, may overlap in unexpected ways. A historic home in Hamilton, for instance, may have issues with moisture-loving or wood-eating insects like termites while the nearby farm is dealing with bats. These infestations are not encapsulated by their environments, meaning either resident may find himself or herself dealing with both.

At Colonial Pest Control, we provide expert pest control in Hamilton, MA with the understanding that different environments breed different pests. We advise our Hamilton pest control customers to be on the lookout not only for the types of pests most commonly found in the area – whether residential or rural – but also for less common insects and animals that may find their way unexpectedly into houses, barns, and other structures. If you suspect you may be dealing with a pest problem (whether indoors or out, no matter what your surroundings) but you haven’t seen any specific invaders, don’t make assumptions about what is causing the damage. Let us come and take a look – we understand the unique challenges of identifying and controlling pests in dual-use localities and we can help. Call us right now at 1-800-525-8084!



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