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From beetles and carpenter ants to Eastern gray squirrels, Massachusetts is host to a number of critters that you might not happily welcome into your home.  Fitchburg, MA, an hour or so from the sprawling city of Boston and the seaside pests, has a community of pests all its own.

Here in Worcester County, Fitchburg is the third largest city. As is true with any gathering of shelter and food sources, there are plenty of critters setting up camp in this town. For those in the heart of the city, you may be up against rats, mice, and bed bugs, but in suburban and rural areas, squirrels, bats, carpenter ants, and bees are much more common.

Your first step is to recognize an infestation, and do your best to identify the pest. The next step is to contact a pest control service. It is important to hire services locally, as they will know the area and the indigenous creatures in and out.

An exterminator in Massachusetts will work best if he knows exactly what he is up against. Here at Colonial Pest, we understand the detailed nature of pest removal, and we learn every aspect about our foe before we generate our plan of attack. With extensive experience in Massachusetts, we are able to remove pests from any home or business in Fitchburg, MA.

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