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As the site of America’s oldest Naval Base and the site of the first cotton mill in America, Beverly, Massachusetts has successfully combined a rich history with modern manufacturing, residential amenities, and all of the pleasures of the beach. This area was originally part of Salem and the Naumkeag Territory, though today it is an independent city all its own – home to two colleges, a municipal airport, and many notable historical sites.

Unfortunately, the very amenities that give Beverly its character can also be vectors for emerging pest infestations. College dorms and apartments can be havens for bed bugs, which may then spread when furnishings are shared as students move in and move out. Refuse left by careless people at popular recreational spots can attract everything from mice to squirrels to other rodents and birds. And of course, no matter where you live in the world, pests like termites and carpenter ants can simply decide that your house, apartment, or business looks like a great spot to settle down and raise a family.

How can you protect your home and family from the most common pests found in Beverly? First, if you buy secondhand or antique furniture, make sure it’s from a reputable source. Mattresses should always be purchased new. Second, never litter and take precautions when putting trash outside – bins with tight-fitting lids are best. Third, do periodic checks in and around your home for the signs of pest infestations. If you have an attic, make sure that all vents are properly screened.

At Colonial Pest Control, we provide pest control in Beverly, Massachusetts to the almost 40,000 residents who call the city home. Are pests a particular concern in Beverly, MA more so than elsewhere? Of course not, but any city or town with a population gathered in dense suburban fashion is at risk for pest infestations simply because people themselves, their homes, food, and the trash they leave behind can all look  very appealing to common household pests.



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