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Allenstown, New Hampshire took its name from Samuel Allen, a provincial governor in the 1800s. A small town of just over 4,000 residents, Allenstown expanded its area by taking part of the town of Bow in 1815, and part of Hooksett in 1853.

Bear Brook State Park covers nearly 7,000 acres of Allenstown, and with all those trees, underbrush, and foliage, you can guess what the good folks in Allenstown have to deal with. Of course – pests.

Pests like bats, carpenter ants, bees, micefleas, and wasps, to name just a few. Some pests, like bats, cannot be killed and must be dealt with humanely by a wildlife removal company. Other pests, like wasps, can be exterminated, but if you’re looking at a swarm of angry wasps, you might not want to tackle it yourself. That’s a good time to call us at Colonial Pest Control.

If you’re in Allenstown and you’re tired of dealing with these pests or any others day in and day out, call Colonial Pest Control at 1-800-525-8084 for safe and effective protection from pests for New Hampshire homeowners like yourself. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!



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