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Located Southwest of Boston, Westwood is a small suburban town with great access to Boston via Routes 95/128 and 93. It was established in 1897 and has grown over the past 110 years to a size of 14,618. Of the 5,351 homes reported to the Census Bureau in the 2013 American Community Survey, 88% of the homes are owned by their residents and more than 70% of them were built before 1980. Homeowners would do well to consider preventative maintenance on their older homes to prevent the need of potentially costly pest removal after an infestation occurs.

In Massachusetts there are many animals that can threaten the property and health of residents. Of all the nuisance wildlife Westwood faces the most significant are: squirrels—both grey and flying; carpenter ants and termites; and finally small bats. These creatures are capable of finding their way into new and old homes alike, causing damage and disrupting the lives of the occupants throughout the year. In order to have them removed one must find a state licensed PAC (Problem Animal Control) agent and pay them for pest removal. Because PACs are licensed by the state independent operators often charge an exorbitant amount of money for their services.

Colonial Pest Control maintains PAC agents to accommodate pest removal for Westwood, but they focus on providing residents with long term solutions that will prevent recurring issues. These solutions often combine preventative maintenance with a long term treatment strategy to ensure that the initial problem is resolved before any other issues can arise. Our services are guaranteed for 100% satisfaction because we are so sure of our 29 years of experience, and the quality of our technicians.

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