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The pride of Sharon, Massachusetts is Deborah Sampson. Never heard of Deborah Sampson? If you were fighting for the colonies during the Revolutionary War – and it’s unlikely you were – you may have known her as Robert Shurtliff. That’s the name she assumed after disguising herself as a man and serving in the Continental Army for 17 months, before being wounded and honorably discharged in 1783. Her statue stands in front of the Sharon Public Library to this day.

Sharon itself also contributed to America’s victory, manufacturing cannonballs and cannons for the war effort. In more modern news, Sharon was named by Money Magazineas the best place to live in the U.S.

But even the best places to live, unfortunately, have pests. Pests like carpenter ants. It’s sort of an odd name for this type of ant – carpenters tend to build things from wood, whereas carpenter ants don’t hesitate to tunnel through that very wood and make it weak and compromised. Carpenter ants set up nests, and the longer you wait to deal with them, the bigger the nest will become and the bigger your headache will be. Call Colonial Pest as soon as possible to deal with this destructive pest.

Carpenter ants – and any other number of pests, including termites, yellow jackets, and wasps – can mean trouble for any homeowner in Sharon. Call in the experts at Colonial Pest to help.

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