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Pelham, New Hampshire is an elegant and quaint town of 12,000 people along the southern border of the state. In fact, the town itself was created at the same time as the New Hampshire border.

Unfortunately, drawing this line in the ground didn’t stop the area’s insects and critters from crossing into Pelham. With several rivers running through town, evergreen and deciduous woods, and the sought-after quality of life, it’s no surprise that so many wood-destroying pests and pathogen-carrying nuisances plague the residents of this quintessential New England town.

But no matter how badly the infestation in your attic gets, Colonial Pest Control is on your side. Our staff is comprised of the industry’s most knowledgeable technicians as well as two professional entomologists to help us craft a pest control strategy to fit your unique situation.

Colonial Pest Control provides Pelham homeowners with many comprehensive services. Just a few of those include:

Cockroach Control – As if one type of cockroach wasn’t bad enough, there are three main species that inhabit New England and cause all sorts of problems for homeowners in Pelham. The German, American, and Oriental cockroach all have slightly differing patterns, but there’s still no mistaking them for anything besides a cockroach.

They can run very fast, most can climb walls, and others can fly. They are the perfect pests. Worse yet, cockroaches love damp places like sewers and heating vents. This is bad news for homeowners experiencing an increase in cockroach sightings in the kitchen, because when these crunchy insects come from the sewer beneath your home, they carry all sorts of toxic substances that can get your family sick. Cockroaches will also eat whatever food you leave laying around on your counters or table, further promoting the spread of infectious diseases.

Colonial Pest Control’s method of removing cockroaches is thorough and merciless. We employ a strategy that attacks all generations of cockroaches, including their eggs and larvae to ensure that those younger bugs don’t mature and continue to terrorize your home.

Humane Bat Removal – Since Pelham can get humid and buggy at times, bats are an especially important aspect of the natural insect control methods used by Mother Nature. However, bats can take up residence in your attic, the eaves of your roof, and your tool shed, dropping feces and threatening the health of your family.

Bats are a protected species—after all, they eat more bugs and mosquitoes than any person ever could—so we use humane methods of removal. Colonial Pest Control never kills bats; instead, we use a technique called exclusion to force them out of your home. First, we identify the main point of entry the bats use. Second, we fit that entryway with a one-way door that allows them to leave but not return. Then, we seal up all other entryways as well so the bats are forced to relocate to a more natural habitat.

Bat droppings can contain harmful pathogens that, like cockroaches, cause illnesses to your family members and pets.

Termite Termination – In Pelham, the termites that cause extreme damage to the moist and decaying wood in your home form colonies in the ground around your foundation. They will build tunnels that head directly to their main food source (wood) and use those tunnels extensively while they’re feeding.

You can tell when you have termites because of localized swarms of winged termites buzzing around the colony. These flying termites might attract lots of birds as well; so before you think you have a bird infestation, try to see what the birds are eating. Still, a few birds won’t rid your home of these damage-causing insects.

At Colonial Pest Control, we use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, which is not intrusive, not harmful and not even noticeable except for the small plugs in the ground around your home. These termite traps use an effective bait to kill the insects, and Colonial experts will arrive often to check the traps and replace them as needed.

Whatever your pest control problems might be, the friendly and professional staff at Colonial Pest Control is ready to solve those problems. We’ve been in business since 1984, and we know exactly what plagues Pelham homeowners. Call us at 1-800-525-8084 right now!



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