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Newburyport, a quaint little seaside city in northern Massachusetts, was once an important part of the maritime tradition of the state. In fact, it was separated off from the city of Newbury and appended with “port” because of all of the ships that were coming, going, and being built in and around her docks.

In the 1960s, the magnificent architecture of Newburyport’s downtown area was threatened with demolition, owing to a slow and steady degeneration of its economic base to new shopping centers in other cities. Thankfully, at the last moment, the decision to demolish was reversed and the downtown area was rebuilt and restored while maintaining the original architecture. That architecture is one of the main tourist draws today.

Newburyport was an inspiration for a town in an H.P. Lovecraft story, and in grand Lovecraftian tradition, Newburyport has its own share of little terrors in the form of pests. Pests like:

  • Carpenter ants, the most destructive insects out there, can get inside your walls and destroy the integrity of the wood without ever giving a hint of their presence.
  • Squirrels, which may not be as repellent as creatures with pincers and stingers, can still cause all kinds of headaches to homeowners.
  • Bats, carrying diseases like rabies and contaminating attic spaces with their waste.
  • Bed bugs, nearly impossible to see with the naked eye but capable of creating a massive infestation.
  • Wasps and bees, who think and act with their stingers and can get very annoyed very easily.
  • Mice and rats, who can chew a hole into your home and then chew on everything else they can get their sharp little teeth on.

At Colonial Pest Control, we’re familiar with all the different types of pests that annoy the fine folks in Newburyport, and we strive to get rid of them in the safest, least toxic manner available. We realize there’s much more involved in getting rid of pests than simply setting traps or spraying insecticide, so if you’ve had it up to here with pests, call Colonial Pest Control today at 1-800-525-8084!



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