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Milford is a small town in Worcester County, Massachusetts and has quickly seen growth in the last few decades since the introduction of the Interstate 495 freeway, allowing for dozens of retailers to set up stores in and around town. The town is well-known for its Milford granite, which was discovered in 1870 and possesses a distinct pale, orange-pink tinge. Milford is also home to a comprehensive healthcare center as well as the My One Wish foundation.

Unfortunately, Milford is also home to several species of pests. Pests can rain on your parade and completely ruin your living space. Thankfully, Colonial Pest Control has specialists ready to take care of any pest problem you might have, using efficient and humane methods to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Our team is well-trained and experienced to take care of any pests that might be invading your home. When it comes to exterminations, we use low toxicity methods, ensuring that you and your family do not have to worry about any health concerns after our job is completed.

We understand the importance of a quick response, which is why we have teams based in each city, providing you with instant service. You won’t have to wait for hours for an extermination team to get from Cambridge to your home in Milford.

It goes without saying that the New England area is large, making for plenty of diversity, and the pests are just as diverse. Each city has to deal with different pests. A town like Milford is bound to have different pests from Boston, and the members of the Colonial Pest Control team are experts in handling the pests unique to Milford.

Our services in Milford, MA include:

  • Ant control and elimination: Carpenter ants are incredibly common in the New England area, and Milford is no different. Carpenter ants are the number one wood destroying pest in New England, making them much worse than termites. They can easily chew through wood in your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage.
  • Termite elimination: Aside from carpenter ants, termites can also cause some pricey damage to a home. Termites build their colonies in soil or stumps but forage for food away from the colony. Colonial Pest Control gets rid of termites using environmentally safe methods, without harming the soil, water, or structure.
  • Mice/rat removal: Mice and rats are some of the most common pests throughout the world. Many are known to harbor diseases. The best way to prevent a mouse or rat infestation is to keep your living area clean. Still, every house is bound to have a rodent problem at some point. Contact us immediately to take care of those rodents quickly and humanely.
  • Wasp and bee control: Wasps and bees can be very dangerous. Swarms of stinging insects are no fun for anyone, and removing a wasp nest or beehive should not be done on your own. You can get severely injured with enough stings. Those with allergies can go into anaphylactic shock when stung. If you feel that a nest or hive is just too close to your home or business, call Colonial Pest Control at 1-800-525-8084 so that we may properly control and remove them and eliminate all those potential stings.



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