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Lexington, Massachusetts, is as deeply rooted in the history of the United States as the ride of Paul Revere or the American Revolutionary War—because it’s exactly where these two things took place in 1775.

“The shot heard ‘round the world” is a now famous description of the first gunshot that sparked the Revolutionary War. It’s still unknown if the colonists or the British military forces actually fired that fateful first shot, but the military movements and clandestine maneuvers of both sides are well documented and remain a keystone piece of history.
Now, with the population reaching far above 31,000 people, the main movements and maneuvers that take place are from the bugs.

We teach our children how sneaky the colonists were in hiding our forefathers, Samuel Adams and John Hancock, from capture and imprisonment by British imperialists. But it seems the local critters and insects have also taken that lesson to heart.

Don’t worry, you’ve got an experienced pest militia to take down the pesky insects and wild animals that threaten to ruin your Fourth of July celebration—Colonial Pest Control.

Using safe, effective methods, we will remove, replace, or exterminate pests that have invaded your home.

Baldface hornets: These vicious fliers are nearly an inch long and create basketball-sized paper nets near entryways, in tool sheds, or in foundation plantings and love to pick a fight. They are incredibly dangerous, especially to children who may be playing in the area without knowledge of the nest. Call us at Colonial if you spot anything that resembles a paper nest before your children see it first.

Cicada Killers – Like hornets, cicada killers are sure to ruin many-a-barbecue, especially if the kids get a hold of them. The females will burrow into foundation plantings, along walkways or right in your lawn. The burrow is decorated with lovely corpses of spiders and insects the cicada killer plans to feast on. They’re generally solitary creatures, until your exploring kids get into the burrow, and get a hand full of fury. A related pest is the mud dauber. While the cicada killer is yellow and black and about an inch-and-a-half long, the mud dauber is black and metallic blue and a bit smaller. They’ll construct their burrow with mud in attics, garages or the sides of buildings. Give us a ring if you’re experiencing problems with either kind.

Skunks – There’s no less-desired house guest than a skunk. The skunk’s defensive maneuver is feared from coast to coast, and for good reason. After victims are hit with a bit of his foul-smelling secretion, the stench can linger for days. Even their predators in the wild often won’t take their chances. There’s really no way to prepare for a skunk spraying, so call Colonial immediately if you’ve noticed more than the occasional passerby skunk.

Brown dog ticks – Even though these guys won’t cause problems for humans aside from the wayward bite, they’ll wreak havoc on the itch-response centers of your pooch. These ticks are unique in that they can readily form an infestation in a kennel or your home. Pest control is not only for the health and happiness of humans, but pets, too.

Fleas – One bug that can cause problems for man’s best friend and dog’s best friend is the mighty flea. These insects can produce a new generation cycle in 20 days, which creates a very high volume of these itch-inducers very quickly. A veterinarian must treat pets, but Colonial can completely cleanse that infested house of yours. Your dogs won’t be the only things saved, either. Fleas will bite humans as well.

Bed bugs – Speaking of bites… bed bugs are notorious for biting us in our sleep, leaving irritated, red bumps behind, night after night. The good news is, Colonial Pest Control uses a comprehensive “seek-and-destroy” approach to eradicate the nuisance. You may have heard that bed bugs are nearly impossible to get rid of, but with two visits spaced two weeks apart, we will destroy the adults, nymphs, and eggs thoroughly. Those bed bugs will pay homage to Paul Revere himself as they go riding through your sheets at midnight yelling, “Colonial Pest Control is coming!”

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