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Quaint Hudson sits along the east bank of the Merrimack River in southern New Hampshire. Its population of approximately 25,000 residents enjoys the quiet open space of the country with easy proximity to Nashua and Boston.  Hudson NH residents also have numerous recreational opportunities, including two golf courses, walking trails at Benson Park, a skate park, and numerous sports fields and facilities. Hudson covers about 29 square miles in Hillsborough County. But its peaceful setting has not made Hudson NH immune from certain types of intrusive house pests.

Colonial Pest Control specializes in understanding the house pest challenges of towns like Hudson. Colonial Pest has been providing pest control in Hudson NH since 1984, and can take care of any critter that becomes a problem, including:

Rodents – Unless they’re treasured pets, mice and rats are never welcome in homes. Mice and rats can actually be dangerous pests as they carry numerous diseases that can spread through bites and droppings. Rodents can also cause structural damage to your home, including fires caused by the critters biting through wires in the wall.

Termites – Older wooden homes like many of those found in Hudson are perfect target for termites. Unfortunately, by the time you find a termite infestation the integrity of your wood home might already be at risk. A professional termite exterminator can help you determine the extent of your infestation and get it stopped right away.

Cockroaches – American, German, and Oriental cockroaches are not just a problem for larger cities, as people in Hudson, NH, have found out. Cockroaches seek out humid or damp areas to live and breed, and are usually found in the kitchen at night. If you suspect a cockroach infestation in your home, call an experienced cockroach exterminator right away.

Carpenter Ants – Along with Termites, Carpenter Ants can do significant damage to homes. Hudson, NH knows this as has relied on the pest control experts at Colonial Pest Control for decades. Technicians are able to identify conducive conditions, eliminate existing colonies, and implement a plan to prevent pest issues in the future.

Don’t leave pest control in Hudson NH to just any company. Choose Colonial Pest Control, New Hampshire’s most sought-after house pest control company. Call us at at 1-800-525-8084 today for a FREE consultation.



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