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Named after Samuel Holden, a director of the Bank of England, Holden, MA was founded in 1741. Holden is located in the hills of central Mass and is just north of Worcester, and about forty miles west of Boston. The town encompasses roughly 36 square miles, a good portion of which is protected open space and recreational areas. With a population of 17,000, Holden is a small, yet busy, town. Holden, like most Massachusetts communities, is also home to a number of unwanted pests.

Some of the pests you’re likely to encounter in Holden are:

Wasps and Bees, are commonly found in overhangs, attics, and eaves, and will cause you a lot of problems if you like to eat outside in the summer.

Squirrels, which many don’t think of as pests because of their cute faces and wispy tails, can cause damage to your home if they decide it is their home too.

Termites, which every homeowner dreads, can infest your home and cause massive structural damage over time, without ever being seen.

Bed bugs are hard to see and harder to get rid of. But if you wake up with bed bug bites, you’ll know they are there.

We know there’s a lot more to ridding your home and property of pests than just laying down traps or spraying insecticide. At Colonial Pest Control, we know what sort of pests are present in Holden, and will remove them in the least toxic, safest, most humane way possible. If pests are causing you grief, call Colonial Pest Control today at 1-800-525-8084!



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