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Incorporated in 1638, Exeter has been dealing with pests and rodents for 373 years. The city still remains a small town with a population of under 15,000. A majority of the population resides in the central urban area of town, but the outskirts still resemble the same rural New Hampshire area from over a century ago. Located on the Exeter River, the city is a great place for raising a family.

The family-friendly town of Exeter is small and homey, but that also means pest control companies are few and far between. Reputable exterminators may have to come from hours away to service Exeter homes, leaving the locals waiting and dealing with infestations on their own. Colonial Pest Control understand the importance of having local exterminators on hand to deal with problems immediately, which is why we have trained experts located all over New Hampshire, including Exeter.

Another benefit of having local exterminators available to help the small town of Exeter is the fact that they understand the unique pest and rodent problems the people are dealing with. Not every community is the same, especially when you are comparing the small town of Exeter to big cities like Boston that require completely different pest control experience and training. The residential family homes in Exeter are fighting hornets, wasps, termites, carpenter ants, birds, bats, and fleas—just to name a few. The local Colonial Pest Control agent is well-trained to quickly and humanely deal with all of the typical pests and rodents in the area.

Termite Control: Termites will tear a beautiful Victorian home apart from the inside out. Older homes are very susceptible to termite infestation, and once severe damage is done the wood will likely have to be replaced. A typical colony of termites will have anywhere between 60,000 and one million workers eating your wood. Over a year’s time, you could be looking at severe damage to an entire wall. To know if you have termites, keep an eye out for winged termites buzzing around or small mud shelter tubes at the base of the walls. If you suspect you have a termite problem, you should call a certified termite control service like Colonial Pest Control to save your wood and prevent any future attacks.

Hornet and Wasp Control: Usually bees and wasps are beneficial to nature but when they begin moving in on your family’s home things can become dangerous, and a professional exterminator is needed. These pests can sting—everyone knows how much it can hurt, especially if someone is allergic to bee stings. If you notice more bees and wasps than usual come early spring time, call an exterminator right away because the problem will only get worse when the larvae begin to hatch in spring and summer. Colonial Pest Control exterminators are specially trained to deal with these difficult swarms of pests so make sure to call before you attempt to do it yourself and get stung by the entire hive.

Carpenter Ant Control: The number-one wood destroying pest in New England is the carpenter ant. They can do even more damage to your wood structure than the better-known termite. They will create a nest in any dead and damp wood around your home or on the structure. They don’t actually eat the wood, but bore through it to find a comfortable nesting location. To identify a carpenter ant problem, look for sawdust-like material below entry holes or black worker ants walking around in your home carrying food to the nest. Around 80% of the carpenter ants remain in the nest at all times, which is why a professional is needed to help find the nest and get rid of them for you. Trying to find the nest yourself could disrupt it, causing the carpenter ants to quickly set up shop somewhere else in your home.

Bat Removal: Bats are similar to bees in that they are beneficial to nature, especially when they eat all of your mosquitoes, but they can be a huge problem when they find their way into your home. Bats harbor diseases and can be dangerous to your family when they leave behind toxic guano (feces). It is illegal to exterminate bats so a professional bat removal service like Colonial Pest Control must be used to humanely relocate the bats and help you seal up your home to prevent any more bats from finding their way inside.



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