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Cambridge, Massachusetts is an iconic American town. It has survived wars, economical booms and busts, and stands tall after all the dust blew away from years of age. But, the city still fights the same problems most of New England faces: pest and rodent infestations. The first houses were built in 1631 and there are currently 105,162 residents, making Cambridge one of the oldest and largest urban areas on the East Coast. The city is home to two of the most prestigious universities in the United States: Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The city was once an industrial powerhouse but transitioned into a young intellectual town in the past 50 years. Families started to leave and single-person households and apartments took over with the boom of the biotech industry and entrepreneurial culture that goes hand-in-hand with MIT. With one of the most expensive housing markets in the Northeast, people need quick and reliable pest control service to protect their largest investment.

While beautiful historical buildings are part of what makes Cambridge a great city to live in, they also provide great homes for pests and rodents who then proceed to damage the structures. Preventing and controlling the pests in Cambridge is important and requires experienced professionals who live locally and understand the regional pest issues. The big chains don’t have the personal service or local expertise and the small-scale exterminators don’t always have the resources to help you in a timely manner. Colonial Pest Control takes pride in offering quick and effective service to our clients when and where we’re needed. Instead of operating in one central area like Boston, Colonial Pest Control has local exterminators in Cambridge and other New England cities ready to act when you make the call.

Not all pests are equal, especially between urban and rural areas. Cambridge exterminators need to be experienced in suburban and urban pest control with a focus on issues known to the Northeast region. Termites, bed bugs, mice and rats, and carpenter ants are just a few problems known to wreak havoc in Cambridge.

Carpenter Ant Control – Carpenter ants will destroy the infrastructure of your wood home. You won’t often notice them crawling around your home (though you might catch the termite look-alike winged male carpenter ant), but you can identify an infestation by the piles of sawdust and droppings on the window seals or other woods surfaces.

Mice and Rodent Control – Most urban towns have rodent issues, but historically old cities like Cambridge have an especially bad problem with mice and rats. People assume they will stay in the sewers or woodlands, but they enjoy the warmth and comfort of your house almost as much as you do. They are known to set up camp in your garage, attic, and even kitchen while they scavenge for food and shelter.

Termite Control – Home insurance probably won’t cover termite damage, meaning you need quick and effective service as soon as you identify the problem. Sometimes it is hard to find the termites yourself because they are inside the walls and the foundation, which is why it is a good idea to have a professional do a sweep of your home and prevent any major damage from occurring. Colonial Pest Control uses low-toxicity and low-impact methods that will take care of your termite infestation.

Bed Bug Control – What was once an old wives’ tale of past problems is back again and causing the urban areas in the Northeast a lot of problems. Bed bugs are hard to kill, cause harm to people, and transport themselves easily to new locations. A professional pest control agent will be needed to help get rid of bed bugs properly. Call for help quickly, because bed bugs reproduce rapidly.

Cockroaches – One of the most disgusting pests to infest the homes in Cambridge is the cockroach. They love to hang out under the floorboards inside of your house waiting for abandoned crumbs and food scraps. Since they only come out for short periods of time, you might not even realize you have an infestation. If you see one cockroach, there is a good possibility there are more around somewhere. Colonial Pest Control is trained to handle these creepy-crawly pests and help you prevent problems in the future.

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