Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis). Despite its name, this species is thought to have originated in North Africa and is now found worldwide. The adult males are about 1-inch long and are quite dark in color (dark reddish-brown to black). Because of their dark color they are sometimes referred to as the “black beetle”. The male’s wings do not completely cover the back as you can see in the image, while the female has very small non-functional wings. Unlike other cockroaches, oriental cockroaches cannot climb up smooth surfaces (they lack sticky pads on their feet). Oriental cockroaches are fairly cold tolerant and can survive outdoors living under stones and yard debris. Indoors they prefer damp basements, crawlspaces, floor drains, and trash rooms. Oriental cockroaches will feed upon a wide variety of food sources and are important carriers of common pathogens that cause food poisoning, dysentery, hepatitis and other illnesses. Contact us @ 1-800-525-8084 if you suspect your home is infested with Oriental cockroaches.



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