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Bedford was established in 1750 and named for Lord John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford. Today, it is a modern town that could boast to once be the residence of the inventor of a contemporary invention: the Segway HT. Though still considered a small town, Bedford has grown rapidly over the last fifty years along with much of southeastern New Hampshire.

A growing population has both benefits and drawbacks, but one thing is for sure: pest control is a must! As more and more people inhabit a town, opportunist pests and rodents are likely to take up residency as well. Thus, it is important to be vigilant in protecting your home from any unwanted house guests. Colonial Pest Control has an excellent track record and specializes in treating the pests you are likely to come across in Bedford, NH.

Some of our excellent services for Bedford, NH include:

Carpenter ants present the most common ant problem in New England cities, including Bedford, NH. In the spring carpenter ant colonies produce “swarmers” which are the reproductive winged ants. These are often mistaken for termites. If you think you see signs of these creatures, call a professional to take a look. Our professionals are trained to find the nests, and we rely on the Microgen Micro-injector to help us locate, flush and kill the colony.

Since subterranean termites require high moisture levels, they build their colonies in soil but forage away from the colony looking for wood to eat and tunnel in. If you see any signs of the mud shelter tubes on the surface, it is probably time to call a certified termite control service to perform a thorough inspection. Sometimes you will also see termite swarms. At Colonial Pest Control, we use the latest technology to eliminate termites in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Traditional pest control involves applying residual insecticide barriers and waiting for the insect to cross the barrier. Unfortunately, today’s bed bugs may be resistant to these methods. Modern treatment techniques and technologies are needed. At Colonial Pest Control, we use new technologies and protocols that really work!

This is one service for which most people are not afraid to ask the professionals for help! And for good reason: swarms of stinging insects are not something to be taken lightly. For some people these insects can even have deadly consequences. A serious allergic reaction can occur and one may go into anaphylactic shock when stung. However, these insects are good for the environment. You should call for professional help if you see a nest that is too close to the house or see swarms of them on a regular basis.

Mice and rats can be highly destructive—and spread disease to humans. Rodent control at home means practicing good sanitation inside your home, garage or barn. Even if you are attentive to preventative measures, most homeowners will experience a mouse infestation at one time or another. If rodents do find their way into your home, a certified rodent control and removal service should be called to eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.

At Colonial Pest Control, we understand there’s a lot more to eliminating pests than spraying insecticide, or laying down a few traps. Our methods are aimed at using the lowest toxicity possible in your home, while being highly effective. Our pest control and removal services are 100% guaranteed so there is no need to worry if the problem does come back. That means we’ll be back too! Call us at 1-800-525-8084 right now!



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