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Termite and Carpenter Ant Control

The two main threats to the structural integrity of your home are termites and carpenter ants. They cause millions of dollars of damage to New England homes each year, and Barrington’s proximity to water and its relatively remote location make it a prime target for these hungry bugs.

  • Termites – In Barrington, termite colonies live underground. They form subterranean tunnels that lead directly to the wood supply in the basement of your home. It’s here that they’ll find moist and decaying wood to consume. Worker termites burrow deep into wood while adult winged termites swarm and flutter above ground. This is the prime indicator of a termite problem. We install the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System around the foundation of your home. It’s a non-intrusive and safe method of baiting the termites and eliminating them for good.
  • Carpenter Ants – Similar to termites, carpenter ants will burrow into damp wood—extensively, if left untreated. They do not eat wood, however, and will leave piles of a sawdust-like material along the walls of the basement. This, along with the winged ants swarming around above ground, is the prime indicator of a destructive carpenter ant colony.

Wasp and Hornet Extermination

These aren’t your friendly bumblebees. Hornets and wasps are usually longer and more streamlined, shiny and aggressive than their docile bee cousins. Bees can build colonies and are most well-known for their penchant to produce honeycomb; hornets and wasps build paper nests that eventually resemble large piebald basketballs.

  • Yellow Jackets – These black-and-yellow bugs are aggressive. They build their nests in old rodent burrows, attic rafters, or wall voids and can literally be a huge pain if discovered accidentally. Many homeowners discover their nests while mowing the lawn, which makes for an extremely unfortunate few minutes.
  • Paper Wasps – Similar to Yellow Jackets, these wasps also build nests from paper, though the structure is slightly different (it’s more open, not like a sphere). You can discover these nests in your attic, along roof eaves, under your deck, and even your children’s outdoor play sets or your grill. Paper wasps aren’t as aggressive as other species, but you will feel their stings if you disturb their nests.

Rodent and Bat Removal and Prevention

Any critter with a pointy set of teeth can cause damage to your home’s electrical system, injure your family or pets, and leave behind toxic substances that can cause illness.

  • Squirrels – When squirrels get into your attic, you’ll know it. Listen for their chirps and scurrying feet along your upstairs crawlspace, but don’t attempt to get them out yourself. Squirrels, like any wild animal, can carry diseases like rabies that could potentially be fatal to humans and pets. We rid your home of these pests by using a combination of live trapping and exclusion, which includes installing a temporary one-way door designed to let them out but not back in.
  • Bats – Though they also carry diseases, and their droppings contain harmful pathogens that can make you sick, bats are incredibly important in the never-ending fight against insect swarms. We don’t kill bats (and neither should you!), instead, we relocate them and use exclusion—same as with squirrels—to remove them from your home and let them continue their bug-eating habits in a more natural location.

If you think you are experiencing any of these infestations, or you have other pest management concerns, call the experts at Colonial Pest Control today, at 1-800-525-8084, for a thorough inspection and unique pest management strategy that is sure to preserve the natural beauty of your home in Barrington.

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