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Removing pests and insects from your home is never fun work. Whether you have mice setting up camp in your attic, or termites chewing away at your beams, unwanted houseguests are more than just pesky business. At Colonial Pest Control, we have local, qualified Andover exterminators to kick pests to the curb!

Just a short drive away from the city of Lawrence, Andover, MA homes and businesses do not experience quite the same types of critters as their urban neighbor to the North. Sprawling cities and apartment buildings are known for attracting rodents, and recently, bed bugs, but single-family homes in the suburbs are more likely to battle wasps, mice, and carpenter ants.

Regardless of your living or working location, our Andover, MA pest control specialists can help you eliminate bees, wasps, rodents, termites, and more in your urban or suburban residence. There are many dangers to attacking a pest problem, from diseased animals to chewed-apart wires and unstable beams. Don’t put you or your family’s safety in danger; contact an expert pest control team to fight the battle for you.

Colonial Pest Control can help you kick out those unwanted house guests quickly, so you can return your home to the safe haven it should be. We have over 12,000 satisfied customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and we make your pests our problem. Call us today at 1-800-525-8084 to hear what our Andover pest control specialists can do for you!



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