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Located in southern New Hampshire in Hillsborough County, Amherst is a small and thriving town with a rich history and future. Its population of 12,000 lives on a land area of nearly 35 square miles and enjoys a vibrant business sector along with the benefits of a comfortable small-town community

Founded in 1728, Amherst NH is today a growing suburban community that retains it rural feel. But like elsewhere in the nation, pest control in Amherst NH is a growing concern. Colonial Pest Control specializes in understanding the house pest challenges of towns like Amherst NH. Colonial Pest has been providing pest control services in Amherst and the surrounding areas since 1984. We provide comprehensive pest control, removal, and exclusion services, including:

These little pests are the number one wood-destroying pest in New England, and can cause far more damage to structures than termites. Older homes like those found in Amherst NH are especially at risk of carpenter ant infestation. One sign of a carpenter ant infestation is flying ants or large black ants roaming around the house. Sometimes they have bits of material that they are carrying in their mandibles. But the vast majority of carpenter ants in a colony never leave the nest, so total elimination of the problem depends on finding the ant colony. Our experienced technicians know how to find the nests, then use the Microgen Micro-injector to flush and kill the colony.

Usually the first sign of a squirrel problem is hearing them scurrying around in your attic and walls. If nothing is done right away, squirrels can cause major damage to your home and health. They breed rapidly, and their growing families can leave considerable food waste, droppings, and urine. Squirrels can also cause cosmetic and structural damage to your home.

These nasty creatures are making a comeback everywhere and can be difficult to control without proper treatment. Colonial Pest Control finds and exterminates bed bugs without the use of toxic chemicals, so your family can breathe easier.

This disgusting and famously resilient pest loves homes in Amherst NH as much as he does any city. American, German, and Oriental cockroaches are all common in New Hampshire. All cockroach species want to live in humid or damp areas, so keep an eye out for them in your basement and crawl spaces.

Don’t leave pest control in Amherst NH to just any company! Colonial Pest Control is New Hampshire’s most sought-after house pest control company providing professional treatment strategies for the full range of pests. Call us at 1-800-525-8084 for a FREE consultation for any of your pest removal needs.


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