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Amesbury is one of the furthest north cities in Massachusetts, bordering South Hampton, New Hampshire. The area was originally settled in 1637, and was known as Colchester, Salisbury, New Town, and New Salisbury before finally receiving its current name in 1667.

The center of recreation in Amesbury is New England Sports Park. In addition to various winter activities, the site hosts rugby matches, soccer games, concerts, and a variety of obstacle races, including the Spartan Race and the Warrior Dash.

One thing Amesbury residents would like to dash from is pests, and who could blame them? Amesbury has its share of pests, including:

Carpenter Ants – Have you noticed little piles of sawdust, primarily around windowsills? If you have, it’s most likely going to be carpenter ants. And if you do have carpenter ants, the worst thing you can do is nothing. They will continue to tunnel through the wood in your home’s framework until it’s no longer structurally sound. Whatever you do, don’t let them get a foothold.

Wasps – Wasps are notoriously touchy when it comes to being disturbed, and they’re not especially friendly in casual encounters either. If you’ve got a small wasp’s nest, it might be something you can handle yourself. But if you find one of the bigger ones on your property, your best weapon is your phone and a call to Colonial Pest Control.

Housing Stock as it relates to Pest Control

Older houses are more susceptible to infestation. More than 90% of the homes in Amesbury are 24 years old or older, which means they are at a higher risk than many homes in other areas of Massachusetts. These older homes are susceptible to rodent and bug infestations because the materials used to build the house have slowly degraded through the seasons as the houses age. Key problem areas include the corners of garage doors, windows or openings in the roof, and cracks in the foundation. Without preventative maintenance these issues may lead to major infestations, which can cause damages that may cost several thousand dollars to repair. To prevent such an issue, homeowners in Amesbury should have their properties inspected by a state-certified pest control company annually, and should have preventative maintenance performed when issues are discovered.

Termite Inspections to provide Termite Letters for Home Financing

While the state of Massachusetts does not require a termite inspection to be performed before the sale of a home, many forms of financing do require it. In order to get a loan or mortgage from the VA (Veteran’s Association), most banks, or the FHA (Federal Housing Association), you may need to acquire a document known in real estate as a termite letter. These letters provide potential buyers, as well as the financial institutions providing the loans, with the confidence to know the home is free of termites and other wood-damaging pests. While the inspection costs money it is far less expensive to address the potential infestation before the sale, than to be saddled with the costs of buying a new home and having to do major renovations at the same time.

Colonial Pest provides pest removal services throughout Massachusetts, and their 30 years of experience is backed by a 100% guarantee. Call 1-800-525-8084 today for a free estimate from one of our certified pest control specialists.



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