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The first colonial residents moved to Acton in 1639, although it was not established as an independent town until July 3, 1735. A town with this much history unfortunately also has plenty of experience dealing with local pests. That’s where Colonial Pest Control comes in. We have been providing pest control services in Massachusetts since 1984.

More than 25 years of experience working in the local area has taught us a lot about how to control pests unique to our surroundings. Although our coverage area is large, we specialize in providing excellent service for every town in our service area, no matter how small! We know that small-town pest problems can differ from large cities like Boston, and therefore require slightly different tactics to address them completely.


Ant Elimination – Carpenter ants are found all over the world, but they are the number one wood-destroying pests in New England. They actually cause more damage to structures than termites. All of Colonial Pest’s ant control work is warranted.

Squirrel Removal – People tend to think squirrels look cuter than other pests like rats, but they can also be a big problem for residents if they invade your home. Most everyone in the United States is familiar with squirrels, and the eastern gray squirrel is the most commonly known critter. It also happens to be one of the most common in the New England region, including Acton.

Termite Control – Carpenter ants may be a bigger problem in Massachusetts than termites, but you don’t want to have either feeding on the wood in your home! At Colonial Pest Control, we use the latest termite protection system available, the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. You can have peace of mind knowing that professionals using the highest quality systems for eliminating these pests are at work.

Pest Control – We have developed a comprehensive, low toxicity but highly effective treatment method for treating pests that invade your home. A thorough inspection of your home by state-certified technicians begins the process, and then a treatment plan is tailored for your particular home and our past experience with the pests in Acton, MA.

Mice/Rodent Control – As you probably already know, the dangers of mice include spreading disease and causing significant damage to your home and other structures. Mice are not easy to eliminate, so successful mice control requires extensive working knowledge of mouse habits and a keen eye for identifying the “hot spots” in a home. You can rely on Colonial Pest Control to provide expert mouse control.

Bed Bug Control – Three words you never want to hear: You have bedbugs! It’s true that these hard-to-see pests can be difficult to get rid of completely. To rid yourself of the problem it’s best to call the professionals at Colonial Pest who have experience successfully exterminating bed bugs in all kinds of buildings, from large multi-unit dwellings to single family homes.

Wasp/Bee Control – Bees and wasps are beneficial to the environment, but can be a danger to human beings if they take up residence too close to the home. Bees are responsible for pollination, so we would never want to eliminate their presence entirely. Same goes for wasps, which are predatory insects that help control other bugs such as flies, spiders, and crickets. If bees or wasps have set up a colony near your home, it is best to call the professionals at Colonial Pest Control, who can determine exactly which kinds of insects they are, as the methods used to control them will differ.

Bat Removal – While bats are incredibly useful animals in the wild, they can harbor diseases such as rabies and their guano can cause respiratory illnesses such as histoplasmosis. Bat removal requires working with the animal’s natural habits to remove them from your home. We seal off all entry points and install a temporary one-way door which allows the bats to leave, but not regain entrance. This is left in place until all bats have left the residence. This bat removal procedure is endorsed by Bat Conservation International as a humane way to remove bat colonies, leaving them healthy and happy to control other pests—away from your home!

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