By Chris Williams on April 18, 2017.

The National Pest Management Association has rolled out its “Bug Barometer” to make its regional pest predictions for the coming season. And…drum roll, please…the prediction for the Northeast is for a bad tick and mosquito season! Ta-dah! According to NPMA, (1) the unseasonably warm winter could mean that fewer ticks died from extreme cold, and (2) heavy spring showers could increase standing water creating ideal conditions for mosquitoes to thrive.

NPMA’s Bug Barometer predictions are made by entomologists and are based on weather conditions, long-term weather predictions, and knowledge of pest biology. “It’s not an exact science,” says NPMA staff entomologist Michael Bentley. Those of us in the business know that predicting pest outbreaks is about as reliable as predicting the weather. For the most part, pests will do what pests will do, and all the rest of us can do is be prepared.

We tend to be most concerned (and rightfully so) about those pests that suck our blood and can spread diseases, namely ticks and mosquitoes. Even without Zika virus to worry about, Lyme disease and other tick and mosquito-transmitted diseases are always with us. For outdoor mosquito and tick prevention, see:

Most of us though are also concerned with those general pests that are just plain annoying such as yellowjackets, flies, ants, and mice. For general pest prevention, see:


There are many things you can do around your home and yard to discourage pests, but you can’t do everything. Some pests are going to show up, no matter what you do to try to block them. That’s when you need to call Colonial Pest. We can tackle any pest problem that arises.

Our technicians can help you pest-proof your home against invading insects and rodents. Most important, we can treat around the perimeter of your home on a seasonal basis to keep pests out. Ask us about our Preventative Maintenance Program that gives you two scheduled pest barrier treatments per year, plus on-call service as needed. It’s year round pest protection that you don’t even have to think about!

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