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Wellesley is so closely associated with its college of the same name that the two are often indistinguishable from each other. Of course, more than 200 years separate the settling of Wellesley and the founding of the college, but the college is without question what Wellesley is known for.

Dating back to 1630, Wellesley was originally part of Dedham and Needham, finally becoming Wellesley in 1881. Much of the original town has been demolished and rebuilt over the years, much of it occurring within the last decade. Despite its updating, Wellesley is still considered “old Massachusetts,” and many of the families who settled it still live there today.

Not only is Wellesley one of the wealthiest towns in Massachusetts, it’s also the most highly educated. It’s the number one town in the U.S. for households with adults holding one degree, and two-thirds of households have members with advanced degrees. But even with all that money and brainpower, Wellesley is beleaguered by pests.

Pests like yellow jackets, who are well known for going from mellow to crazy in a very short period if you cross their path the wrong way. And termites, who don’t care how much your home costs, and will eat their way through your structure until there’s nothing left. And of course, the devastating carpenter ant, who has no problem tunneling his way through your wood frame until it all comes crashing down around you.

It’s best not to mess around with any of these pests. Your best bet is to bring in the experts at Colonial Pest to help. Call us today at 1-800-525-8084.



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