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A small community in Merrimack County, Warner, New Hampshire consists of the town’s central settlement and the villages of Davisville, Lower Village, Melvin Mills, and Waterloo. Collectively, the town has about 3,000 residents who enjoy a relatively quiet and peaceful existence, but sometimes pests can disrupt the peace; that’s where Colonial Pest can come in to help.

Dealing with rodents, insects, or other pests in Warner? Then, contact us for help today.

History of Warner, New Hampshire

The area now known as Warner, New Hampshire was part of a settlement running between the Merrimack and Connecticut Rivers, designed to stop New France from invading Massachusetts. After the threat was quelled, the area was resettled a few years later when four families built homes and put a sawmill in the area. During the Revolutionary War, the English ruled the area, but after the war, the town flourished as part of the United States.

In the 1800s, agriculture thrived, and local farmers grew vegetables, hay, and apples, while also producing meat and dairy products. At the same time, the river powered 12 sawmills, six grist mills, and a paper mill, and multiple factories provided jobs to people in the town. Now, the area is a relatively quiet little town with most residents commuting to larger cities for work, and annually visitors from around the country head to Warner to enjoy the fall colors.

Pests in Warner

Open spaces, lots of trees, and other factors create the perfect environment for pests. Unfortunately, rodents, insects, and other nuisance creatures can get into homes, commercial or industrial buildings, sheds, garages, and other structures. Pests also threaten landscaping, gardens, or fields. If you are dealing with pests in Warner, Colonial Pest can help.

Pest Control in New Hampshire

Dealing with pests can be tricky. You need to find the most effective way to kill the pests. Often, that refers to poisons and traps, but in still other cases, professionals use special products that disrupt a pest’s life cycle process.

Because the most effective pest control efforts are constantly changing as researchers learn more about pests and their behavior, you should work with a professional. Pest control specialists are educated about the pests in your area, they know how they behave, and they understand the most effective pest elimination strategies.

Pest Exclusion Services

Once our pest control specialists have exterminated the pests from your home, business, or property, we take steps to exclude them. Most of our pest removal packages include basic exclusion services which include finding how the pests breached the area and shutting down those entry points. We also help to eliminate anything in the home or commercial space that helps pest to survive or encourages their activities.

We also offer comprehensive rodent proofing. The cost can vary, but this service ensures that rodents can’t enter your space. With all our services, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a generous warranty.

Preventative Pest Control

Don’t wait until pests invade. Instead, be proactive and consider preventative pest control services in Warner. When you subscribe to these services, our specialists visit your restaurant, office building, or any other space on a regular basis, and we stop pests long before them try to get into your area.

When you contact Colonial Pest, we take the time to carefully assess your unique situation. Then, we customize an extermination and exclusion plan that meets your unique needs while also addressing concerns about pet and child safety or other issues relevant to your situation. To schedule an appointment or talk about pest control options in Warner, contact us today.



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