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The city of Waltham, MA, is one of the more important sites to contribute to early American economic success. The labor movement and Industrial Revolution found their centers here at one point, with the best example being the Waltham Watch Company. It opened in 1854 and featured the first watches to be built on an assembly line. By the end of its production days, the company produced about 40 million watches.

That’s about how many insects you’ll find on a single block in Waltham. As a former center for progress and industry, the town of 60,000 has seen its share of visitors and commercial traffic. Wheels from all those faraway places have brought in many kinds of insects, some which can cause severe damage in your home.

On top of that, there are dozens of nuisance wildlife dying to get into your trash or destroy your electrical wires in your attic. With a large percentage of older buildings it is easy to understand how these animals are able to gain access to your home. An experienced exterminator in Waltham can assess the damage to your home, as well as the potential points of entry, and provide you with a plan.

Who are you going to call? Colonial Pest Control. We have the expertise to handle any insect infestation or attic-bound animal squatter there is. From nasty flying wasps to bats,

Colonial Pest Control is your bug buster.

Carpenter Ants – Waltham’s proximity to the Charles River could aid in carpenter ant infestation. These ants burrow deep into moist and decaying wood and set up a colony. From there, they send out winged ants to search for more locations to spread to, and before you know it, your basement is being eaten away by thousands of ants. Our technicians are experienced in using the Microgen Micro-Injector, which successfully locates colonies for flushing and elimination

Bees and Wasps – Bees are responsible for pollinating many of the flowers and vegetables we use and eat on a daily basis, and wasps are predators that search out other pests like spiders and crickets. Still, these altruistic buzzers must be removed from our homes due to their tenacity in protecting their home. Many of us have allergies associated with bees, and one little stinger can mean rashes, swelling, respiratory distress, and headaches. Some can also suffer from anaphylactic shock, which is a serious effect that leads to a hospital visit.

Squirrels – These populous rodents are known to cause electrical fires by chewing through power cords in your attic. If you have a squirrel family living in your Waltham home, they’ve likely already left a considerable amount of droppings and urine behind. Attempting to eradicate them yourself could expose you to rabies, tick fever, and other highly dangerous diseases. Call Colonial, we’ll swoop in and use a method called exclusion. A squirrel goes into a one-way door we place in a popular thoroughfare—and he can’t get back in. We seal all other points of entry, and the critter gets the hint and finds a nice big tree with a hole in the trunk.

Bats – Though seen worldwide as beneficial in the wild, bats can become a nuisance when they take up residence inside your home or its immediate exterior. Their bites can transmit rabies to humans, and their guano (or feces) has been known to cause respiratory illnesses. Bat extermination is illegal, so our technicians won’t harm those who live in your attic. We use a process called exclusion, the same as for squirrels, to protect homes in Waltham, MA.

Drugstore Beetles – These guys can show up in the food you and your family eat; even the stuff you’re keeping for the upcoming winter. Nobody wants to open up a container of oats and have a box full of white grubs—they aren’t exactly the kind of thing you want to start your day with.

Fleas – For those of us with four-legged family members of the feline or canine variety, fleas are an incredibly important risk to be aware of. These insects can produce a new generation cycle in 20 days, which creates a very high volume of these itch-inducers very quickly. A veterinarian must treat pets, but Colonial can completely cleanse that infested house of yours, so Polly and Spot can come back home without risk of another flea problem. Call us at 1-800-525-8084 today!



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