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For better or worse, the one thing that Walpole is most well-known for locally is the state prison located there. In fact, the prison is so synonymous with the town that you often need to clarify which one you mean when you say “Walpole.” The prison hasn’t even been known officially as Walpole since the mid-1980s, but some names just stick.

On a more positive note, Walpole high school sports achieved a measure of fame in 2004 when both the boys and girls basketball teams won their respective championships on the same day at the FleetCenter (TDBank Garden) in Boston.

One other thing that Walpole has, like so many other Massachusetts cities and towns, is pests. Pests like termites, who hide in your walls and actually consume the wood that makes up the very framework of your home. And their even most destructive counterpart, the carpenter ant, who doesn’t consume the wood but will systematically tunnel through it.

These pests spell bad news for any homeowner in Walpole. Bring in the experts at Colonial Pest to help. Call us today at 1-800-525-8084.




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