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About 28,000 people live between the Merrimack River and the Shawsheen River in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. They call the town Tewksbury.

This stalwart New England town holds true to the New England town form of government, where residents join in a yearly Open Town Meeting and decide many important matters of government as citizens themselves. The town of Tewksbury was settled in 1637, and takes its name from a town in England.

Today, the people of Tewksbury attend a single high school, a single hospital, and read two local newspapers. In other words, the people of Tewksbury are a good, hardworking lot.

So it’s a good thing our Colonial Pest Control exterminators come from towns like Tewksbury, because it takes more than a few hardworking people to keep our cozy New England town from being overrun by sinister pests.

If you suspect you have an infestation, don’t hesitate to contact Colonial Pest Control. Here’s a list of some common pests Tewksbury residents can find:

Ants. These ubiquitous pests can be found in all areas of your home, and they can do significant damage if not destroyed soon enough.

  • Carpenter ants: The primary house pest in the northeast, a carpenter ant nest can do extensive damage to the wood in the moist areas of your home, like your basement or attic. Though they don’t eat wood, they still burrow into it, creating vacuous spots that weaken weight-bearing beams.
  • They’ll even build nests in your deck or in the insulation in the upper levels of your home. Listen to the sound of crinkling cellophane behind the walls, that’s your best indication of a carpenter ant infestation.
  • Pharaoh ants: These white-to-brownish red ants also love water, and they’ll nest in places like wall voids and heating vents. They are more difficult to remove than carpenter ants, however, since they employ a process that enables them to split their colony and relocate. Colonial Pest Control has the tools to remove every colony, regardless of where they hide.
  • Pavement ants: When you see a long line of black dots moving through your kitchen aimed at a food source, you know you’ve got an ant problem. Initially, look for only a few ants to poke around your food stores. They’re scouting out the area for the rest of the colony, and if you don’t take care of them soon you could find yourself with an entire colony in your pantry.

Bees and Wasps. These flying insects are a mixed bag. Some are unaggressive and won’t attack humans, but others are a significant danger, especially to children, pets and those with allergies to bees.

  • Bumblebees: Bumbles are nonaggressive by nature, though they can sting if provoked or attacked. They’re most commonly found in sheds, beneath timber piles and in old ground-dwelling burrows. You may also find them in your home.
  • Honey bees: Never kill a honeybee swarm. A honeybee is one of the most beneficial insects in the world due to its vital part in the fertilization of our vegetables and flowers. There are tons of beekeepers that will be glad to take your unwanted swarm, and Colonial Pest Control will gladly relocate them out of harm’s way and into the hands of capable beekeepers.
  • Yellow Jackets: This is where it gets dangerous. These half-inch wasps can nest in the ground or in your attic by making paper combs instead of honeycombs like their cousins, the honeybee. Only there’s nothing sweet about a yellow jacket, so if you see any nests around your property, call Colonial Pest Control before your kids get too close.
  • Carpenter Bees: Though they resemble honeybees, they are quite distinct. Carpenter bees bore holes as long as six inches deep into the wood of the eaves of your home. They prefer dry wood, and can damage property if not successfully removed.
  • Bald-faced hornets: As aggressive as Yellow Jackets, these hornets are extremely dangerous. Their danger is only exacerbated by the places you’ll find a hornet nest: eaves, sheds, and entryways, the places you’ll walk through without realizing you’ve stepped into hornet territory. Call Colonial Pest Control as soon as you see a paper nest hanging from any location around your home and property.

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