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Swampscott, MA dates back to the 17thcentury, when the settlers of the town interacted with the local tribe of the Native Americans in order to obtain dried fish. These fish were so well preserved that they had the potential to become a great export for the fledgling settlement. By the late 1700s a local businessman, named Ebenezer Phillips, learned the process and began shipping cod around the world. He became one of the first millionaires in America, and his work guided the direction of the town for centuries to come.

A small town of just under fourteen thousand residents, Swampscott has a relatively high ratio of homeowners to renters and the majority of homes in the area (approximately 90%) were built before 1980. This, along with higher property values, means that sharp home owners will make use of pet control services annually in order to protect their equity from being eroded by nuisance wildlife such as squirrels, skunks, carpenter ants, and termites. Each of these creatures presents a danger to the structure of the building itself as well as a health hazard for any residents. The state of Massachusetts has man regulations regarding how a landowner or tenant can have such pests removed from the property. The state requires individuals to receive a problem animal control (PAC) license and thereby become certified agents before they are legally allowed to trap and remove nuisance wildlife.

The exterminators of Colonial Pest Control are licensed by the state of Massachusetts to provide residents of Swampscott with the pest control services they need to maintain a healthy and safe living environment. In addition to general removal services the licensed agents of the company are also able to provide preventative maintenance plans to keep nuisance wildlife from being able to enter homes. This is an essential step for the maintenance of older homes, which may have components that have deteriorated over the decades of use and exposure to the coastal weather.

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