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Pest Control & Exterminator Services in Shrewsbury, MA

Pest Control Services in Shrewsbury, MA

If you live in Shrewsbury, MA, then you are well aware of the many different types of bugs and wildlife that inhabit this area. While most people don’t mind seeing a creepy-crawly or two outside their house, seeing one — or several — inside the house is a different matter entirely.

Invaders such as cockroaches, termites, mice, and bats can spread disease and cause damage to your home. If you have a bug or wildlife infestation, you need to get it taken care of right away.

For a reliable exterminator in the Shrewsbury, MA, area, call Colonial Pest Control Inc. You can trust our cutting-edge techniques and technology to quickly and efficiently rid your home of pests.

Reliable Exterminator Serving Shrewsbury, MA

For over 30 years, we have helped homeowners keep their houses safe from bug and wildlife infestations. Not only do we have decades of experience, but our employees undergo ongoing training to make sure they stay up-to-date on the latest pest control treatments. When you hire us to rid your house of pests, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality of service.

We even offer a 100% guarantee — if you are not 100% satisfied with our pest control services, we will return and fix the problem at no additional charge.

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