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Revere, Massachusetts, is known for many things: being the site of the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War, holding the Revere namesake after the famous American patriot, and most recently, the beachfront boardwalk.

Revere Beach is perhaps the biggest draw to the town, as the recently renovated area is now home to new pavilions, waterfront housing units, and a redesigned boulevard for businesses.

The town itself is only five miles from downtown Boston, and about 52,000 people live here year round. During tourist season, though, the town’s population reaches into the billions.

If you include insects and other pests, that is.

Many of the worst pests in New England come from the water, or at least find solace in wet and damp places. Unfortunately for Revere, there aren’t too many places as damp and welcoming to insects and rodents than this seaside town. Fortunately for Revere, Colonial Pest Control has this port locked down.

Our technicians are so effective when dealing with pesky insects, critters, and even birds because we live in the same towns that you live in. We’re familiar with the worst pests, ahead of the curve on exterminating them, and always willing to help out a neighbor.

Here are some of the comprehensive services we provide to residents of Revere:

Termite Removal – The problem with termites is that they can already be doing a ton of damage before you realize they’re doing it. Termites in New England thrive underground in subterranean colonies, where they’ll tunnel into your basement and other sources of wet, damp wood directly. This way, they have easy, clandestine access to a feast of your weight-bearing beams and other vital wooden house components.

Your biggest sign of termites is the flying workers, which are essentially the reproduction insects that help the colony thrive. While they’re swarming around in the air, the tiny, white worker termites are enjoying your home or business’s wooden infrastructure.

We use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System to thoroughly and efficiently rid your home of this nuisance. We install several baited traps around the vicinity of your house in the soil, which has no effect on your home’s water sources or soil content. It’s the most nonintrusive method of termite elimination available.

Exclusion of squirrels, mice, and raccoons: These toothy pests are responsible for many electrical fires, power failures and various other expensive problems across the northeast. They make their way into your attic or other rarely-used spaces, build a nest, and begin to chew, chew, chew.

Mice, for example, can squeeze into the tiniest holes in your paneling or eaves, and then begin to multiply and do major damage. All of these rodents are prime carriers of several debilitating diseases that could potentially lead to death if a person is particularly vulnerable. Once you’ve discovered any kind of rodent infestation in your home, keep your kids and pets away and call Colonial Pest Control. We use advanced and comprehensive methods to rid your property of critters.

First, we do a full property check to find hotspots and routes the rodents use most often. Then we proceed to seal up all the places they can enter your home, with the exception of our special exclusion door. We install a door that’s similar to the lobster pot in that the rodents will be able to enter one direction but not return through that same door. Only, unlike lobsters, the rodents can leave but they can’t get back in.

This method is proven to force the animals to relocate to a more natural habitat and prevent them from ever returning to your home.

Cockroaches – What’s the worst thing about cockroaches? Is it their incredibly speedy development? Is it their ability to climb walls and explore your entire property? Or is it the fact that they come from drains and your sewer system? How about all of the above.

German cockroaches, American cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches are all found in New England, including Revere. You’ll usually see cockroaches wherever there is water and food, which means your kitchen, bathroom, and even your basement. Aside from being creepy and gross, cockroaches can carry diseases and leave pathogens behind that get into your food and water supply. Call Colonial Pest Control at 1-800-525-8084 and allow our experts to rid your home of these ubiquitous pests.



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