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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter AntsCarpenter ants are much more than a nuisance pest. Although they don’t bite or sting like other species of ants do, they pose a threat to your home in the same way that termites or carpenter bees do. They burrow through internal wood structures in your house, leaving small piles of sawdust behind. A carpenter ant infestation could easily weaken the framework of your home and once the damage is done, it can be difficult to fix since the ants can get into very small places that often are impossible to reach for repair. If you see piles of sawdust around door or window frames, or the woodwork in your house sounds hollow instead of solid, you may have a carpenter ant problem. It’s important to talk to a professional pest control company in Raymond, NH to eliminate the infestation as quickly as possible before irreparable damage is done.


WaspRaymond is no stranger to wasps in the warmer months. Wasps are much more of a nuisance than your typical honeybee because they tend to be aggressive if they are disturbed. Unlike a honeybee, a wasp will not lose its stinger and die once it stings – a wasp can sting multiple times, and an infestation of multiple wasps can create a dangerous situation. This is particularly true for individuals who are allergic to stinging insects like wasps and bees. Removing a wasp nest on your own can be challenging and you’re much better off letting a professional pest control company do the work. A professional exterminator can safely remove the wasp nest without disturbing the wasps.

Are You in an Older Home?

Like many homes on the East coast, Raymond, NH boasts many beautiful older homes. Some of them have been restored while others have not, but both types of older homes are more susceptible to pest infestations than a newly constructed home. This is because the materials that were used to build these older homes begin to degrade over time, even with proper upkeep. Cracks in the foundation of the home, holes in the roof, or gaps around windows occur when these materials expand and contract throughout the seasons. If you live in an older home, it’s important to consider the probability of pest problems and take steps to eliminate current infestations and prevent infestations from occurring in the future.

Keep Pests Out by Being Proactive

The key to pest management is to be proactive about it and take steps to protect your home from being invaded by pests in the first place. Our experienced pest control professionals at Colonial Pest provide customized service that includes treating the home with safe and effective compounds and sealing potential entry points in the home to keep pests of all kinds at bay.

Have a Pest Infestation? Get Help Now

If you are already experiencing a pest infestation in your Raymond, NH home, don’t wait to get help from a pest control company. At Colonial Pest, our exterminators will evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action to eliminate pests like mice, rats, wasps, carpenter ants, bats, and other unwanted creatures from your residence. When bees or wildlife prove to be a nuisance, we use humane removal methods to ensure that life is preserved.

Colonial Pest provides pest removal services in Raymond and throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and our 30 years of experience is backed by a 100% guarantee. Call 1-800-525-8084 today for a free estimate from one of our certified pest control specialists.

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